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prAna Sabbatical Shirt Review

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prAna Sabbatical Shirt

While I’m traveling, I like to wear clothing that is comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle easy, is lightweight, and looks nice enough so I can fit in at a nice restaurant.  The prAna Sabbatical Shirt is all that and then some.

The prAna Sabbatical shirt is a travel oriented shirt that looks good with almost any clothing combo yet it still performs in a pinch.  The Sabbatical is made from a 55% Polyester 45% Cotton blend that allows the shirt to breath well, yet not have the look of a tech shirt. While tech shirts are great for heart pumping activities, I don’t also like to look like I am about to run a marathon.

The fit of the prAna Sabbatical is semi-athletic.  It doesn’t have the fit of a golf shirt where it is super baggy around the mid section, yet it is relaxed enough to lie nicely on the body.  I am 6’0 tall and 173lbs and I tested out a size medium and it fit me great.  I personally don’t tuck in too many shirts including the Sabbatical.  This shirt is long enough where it goes an inch or so below your waste, but not too long.  For that reason, I don’t think this shirt does well when tucked in.  If you like to wear your sleeves up, there are pieces of fabric on each arm that help keep the sleeves rolled up also giving it that travel shirt look.  Another feature that you find on many travel shirts is lots of pockets.  While the Sabbatical doesn’t have a ton of pockets, it does have two Velcro chest pockets to store small items in.  I don’t like to use these pockets and I think they often look goofy when you put anything in them.  Last, for added ventilation, there are 3 small wholes in the armpit of the shirt which allow you to get a little airflow where you often overheat most.

I’ve tested this shirt out on cool summer nights in Colorado and the mountains of Costa Rica and I find the Sabbatical to have the perfect weight.  I tend to get hot easily, so having a long sleeve shirt that isn’t too heavy on the fabric is nice.  This piece also is good for the transition season around winter, fall and spring.

Overall, I have been very happy with the look, feel, and performance of the prAna Sabbatical.

MSRP $75


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