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Mountain Khakis Wilson Bomber

Mountain Khakis Wilson Bomber Jacket Review

Perfect Timing For The Mountain Khakis Wilson Bomber Jacket Mountain Khakis makes its home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming which conjures up images of cowboys, Yellowstone, Elk, and of course, very fine skiing. It’s an...

Mammut Eigerjoch Hybrid Insulated Jacket

Mammut Eigerjoch Hybrid Insulated Jacket Review

In summary, I truly love the Mammut Eigerjoch Hybrid Jacket and give it a strong recommendation. Like all Mammut gear I’ve tested, the quality is very high and the design is extremely functional. This jacket is warm and weather resistant enough to serve as a light outer layer in most situations and breathable and flexible enough to be a nice mid layer under a shell. It feels and looks great and has exceptional mobility for a variety of activities. At $325, the Mammut Eigerjoch Hybrid Jacket doesn’t come cheap, but when you consider that you are essentially getting two pieces of apparel in one, the value proposition starts making more sense. I highly recommend checking it out either online or at your local Mammut dealer.

Coalatree Camper Down Hooded Jacket

Coalatree Camper Down Hooded Jacket

Coalatree Bridges the Gap Between Function and Fashion with the Introduction of the Most Sustainable, All-Purpose Camper Down Jacket Following a very successful launch in retail outlets, Coalatree has unveiled a new feature-loaded version...

Funkier Bike Clothing Line Review

Funkier Bike Clothing First, a little bit of background here on Funkier Bike. They are not one of your household name-brand cycling apparel companies that you’re bound to find at your local group ride.  I...

Fjallraven Abisko Lite Jacket

Fjallraven Abisko Lite Jacket Review

Ah, Sweden. Land of safe automobiles, girls with dragon tattoos, fika, the krona and various bands with names emphasizing the letters “A” and “B.” I arrived in Stockholm one afternoon in September a few...

686 Serac 2.5-Ply Jacket

686 Serac 2.5-Ply Jacket Review

As the temperature starts to rise the last thing on most people’s mind is looking for a new ski or snowboard jacket.  As everyone who plays in the mountains knows, the weather can change in...