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Tailwind Nutrition Caffeinated Endurance Formula

Here at ActiveGearReview we have been avid Tailwind fans since our initial review of Tailwind Endurance Fuel in 2013 (full review available here). Tailwind is a Colorado based company that prides itself on being easy on the stomach, while also remaining gluten/vegan/soy/and dairy free. As an avid trail runner, I used to fall into that “crappy stomach” crowd that would ...

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The Giro Factor TechLace Cycling Shoes Review

Giro Factor TechLace

First thoughts on the Giro Factor TechLace I received the Giro Factor TechLace in part because the month of May is recognized as Bike to Work month. Apparently, someone somewhere is keeping track of all these national daily, weekly, and monthly honors. This one does hit home for me. I don’t actually commute to work on a daily basis, but if ...

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Funkier Bike Clothing Line Review

Funkier Bike Clothing First, a little bit of background here on Funkier Bike. They are not one of your household name-brand cycling apparel companies that you’re bound to find at your local group ride.  I say that, because I wasn’t really aware of their offerings.  Ironically though, on my first ride in my kit, a guy shows up wearing a Funkier ...

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Outdoor Research Women’s Ferrosi Windshirt Review

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Windshirt

Ferrosi Fabric Last summer, the male gear reviewer in the house got a pair of Outdoor Research Ferrosi shorts to review (full review here). I was instantly jealous of the fabric and wished I could own a piece of gear that featured the incredible stretch and comfort. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to ski (skate and alpine touring), hike, bike, ...

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Heather Jackson Partners with Pioneer Cycle Sports

Heather Jackson and Pioneer Cycle Sports had some exciting news to share recently… In a move which was eagerly anticipated by cycling fans and the triathlon fans alike, pro Triathlete Heather Jackson partnered officially with Pioneer Cycle Sports to gain traction around their new lineup of consumer friendly power meters and cycle computers. Long known in the pro triathlon and cycling community ...

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Rudy Project Tralyx Review

The Rudy Project Tralyx Known to triathletes, runners, and cyclists the world around, the Rudy Project Tralyx is the no nonsense choice for athletes who know what they don’t have spare seconds to waste messing around with faulty eyewear. A good pair of sunglasses can make your day; a bad pair can end it pretty quickly (try cycling out of ...

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Native Eyewear Hardtop Ultra XP Review

    The Native Eyewear Hardtop Ultra XP Native eyewear, long known in Colorado for making top quality Glasses and Lenses at affordable pricepoints, has an excellent offering for cyclists, triathletes, and pretty much all active individuals with the Native Eyewear Hardtop Ultra XP. While the styling looks to be most at home in the cycling world, triathletes especially will appreciate ...

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Swrve Hiding Hoodie Review

The Swrve Hiding Hoodie – for your reviewing pleasure Meet Swrve (yes, I spelled that correctly) – a company that’s as passionate about being comfortable on your bike as you are about, well… I don’t know that you’re actually that passionate about anything. The good folks over at Swrve spend day and night thinking about making clothes that not only fit ...

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