Rossignol BC 110 Positrack Review

Kevin Fonger

If there's an activity or sport, I'll generally try it at least once. My main activities include running, hiking, skiing, cycling, camping, backpacking, and pretty much anything else you can think of. I love writing product reviews as I like helping people find the right gear so they will enjoy their activity that much more.

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4 Responses

  1. Naomi says:

    Can I ask what boot and bindings you used with this ski?

  2. Kevin Fonger says:

    I used a Salomon binding and boot configuration with this ski. I think they are now discontinued and rightfully so, the boots and bindings aren’t the greatest… Ski’s, I’m still enjoying them after 2 years of use.

  3. Hassan says:

    Would you be comfortable using the BC-110 for skiing downhill on a moderate not very steep slope?

  4. Ken Smith says:

    I bought a pair in 2014. The clear laminate is coming off and there are blisters on otjer areas. These skis were well maintained and nbt left to the elements. Rossognol says sorry: over the one year warranty. The biggest problem is they are great skis and did exactly what I wanted. Too bad quality control can’t keep up with design.
    Very disappointed.

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