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Trail Running Shoe Review – Under Armour Horizon RTT

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Price: $109.99
Heel to toe drop: 7mm

Under Armour has been flying underneath the radar as far as trail running shoes go, but the word is out, their trail running shoe line is killing it in design and performance.  The Under Armour Horizon RTT is one of the latest trail running shoes in the lineup and this shoe isn’t your typical fire road trail running shoe, it’s a shoe that can handle any type of trail terrain that you throw at it.

under armour trail running shoe upper

The upper of the Under Armour Horizon RTT is different than nearly any trail running shoe on the market.  It follows in the footsteps of a lot of other Under Armour shoes and products in that the designers threw out the standard shoe design and built the shoe from the ground up.  Instead of creating a shoe upper made mostly out of a mesh material, the Horizon RTT uses a synthetic material on the outside the repels both water, mud, dirt and debris.  This material is rubber-like that does a great job at repelling water and keeping dirt out, but you cannot submerge the shoe.  There are dozens of holes in this material that allows water in when submerged.  These holes also allows the shoe to breathe.

The tongue on the UA Horizon RTT trail shoe is larger than other trail running shoes.  The first time I tested this shoe, I was a little weary about the larger than normal tongue, but through my testing, I never found it to be a problem.  Along the inside of the tongue is a soft fabric that is comfortable next to skin.  At first I thought this might be irritating when I wore low on the ankle socks, but this was never a problem.  To keep the tongue from moving from side to side too much and to provide a more secure fit, the tongue is attached to each side of the shoe

For fit, the UA Horizon RTT fits similar to a road running shoe, meaning it is comfortable yet supportive. The shoes overall fit is best for a normal width foot but can accomodate a little wider or narrower fit within reason.  The heel of the Horizon RTT has extra padding each side of the shoe that does a nice job at keep your foot secure.

Midsole and Outsole

The midsole of the Under Armour Horizon RTT is similar to most other trail running shoes on the market.  I find that it compresses when running over a sharp rock or pointy root, but also has enough spring on single track.

The Horizon RTT is a neutral trail running shoe and provides no additional stability in the midsole.


The outsole of the UA Horizon RTT trail running shoe keeps it simple, nearly all the lugs are the same shape and run the same direction.  After running on all types of surfaces, I never found the shoes to not provide the traction I needed.  With time, I feel that the outsole lugs could wear down to nubs which won’t provide optimal traction, but that has not been the case yet.

Final Thoughts

The Under Armour Horizon RTT is a great option for runners looking for a serious trail running shoe that can take on any terrain.

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