Pearl Izumi Fly Jacket Review

Pearl Izumi Fly Jacket

Pearl Izumi Fly Jacket

Since it’s headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, I have a soft spot for Pearl Izumi gear. Until I received the Pearl Izumi Fly Jacket, I had only owned their cycling gear. I’ve had good experiences from the cycling end of things, so I was excited for the opportunity to test and review the Fly Jacket.

The Pearl Izumi Fly jacket is intended to provide wind/weather resistance on cool, damp days. This is a no frills jacket that has the features necessary to get the job done. The Fly Jacket is made of 100% polyester. Key features include armpit vents, elastic cuffs, internal hand mitts, back zipper pocket and reflective detailing.

Pearl Izumi Fly Jacket Experience:

I was on the east coast for two weeks and put this jacket through the gamut in Vermont and Upstate New York. I tested this jacket on trail, pavement and dirt roads during “regular” east coast weather. If your not from the east coast, “regular” consists of wind, sun, clouds, fog, rain and/or snow.

Here are some of my observations while using the Pearl Izumi Fly Jacket:

  • Fit – This jacket is advertised as “semi-form fitted”. I have a slightly wider frame (5’9″ 33″ waist) and a medium can be a gamble for “semi-form fitted” gear. I found that the medium was almost perfect and perhaps a little large to be described as “semi-form fit”. That being said, the range of motion in this jacket is spectacular. So spectacular, that I almost forgot I was wearing it.
Pearl Izumi Fly Jacket

Back of Fly Jacket with Zipper Pocket

  • Performance – I used this jacket in temperatures ranging from 25 to 38 degrees. The first time I used the jacket was on a 38 degree day. I wore an ultra light 1/4 zip wool underneath the jacket. As soon as I warmed up, the sun popped out and I was WAY too hot.
  • The second time I used the jacket was with the same layering, but low thirties, flurries and no sun. This was perfect! My body temperature was just right,  I was protected from the wind and the flurries were sliding off the weather resistant polyester. With the exception of the day I was too hot, I found this jacket to breath well when used during colder conditions. . The Fly jacket provided excellent protection from the wind which enabled me to stay warm while also minimizing the amount of layers I needed to wear. I made good use of the back zipper pocket. I was able to put my Samsung Galaxy S5 and a car key in the pocket without any issues. When I came back to Colorado, I went out on a 34 degree and loved the built-in hand mitts. The mitts provided just enough warmth to get me going for the first 10 minutes of my run.
  • Ideal Application –I think this jacket performs amazingly on a crappy east coast day (cold, cloudy, breezy, with variable conditions). If you live in an area that gets these kind of conditions often, you will love this jacket. I like this jacket paired with a light to mid-weight 1/4 zip wool on days ranging between 25-34 degrees.
Pearl Izumi Fly Jacket

Taking the Fly Jacket Through a Covered Bridge in Vermont!

  • Side Note – I think this jacket would be an awesome addition to your running/hydration vest. It’s small enough to pack, but offers some warmth and wind/weather protection. I could imagine starting with this jacket on a cool morning, shedding it when I got warm and then pulling it back out if some bad weather came swooping in.

Pearl Izumi Fly Jacket Product Specs:

  • Full zip jacket with zipper garage, lock down zipper and windflap
  • Lightweight, wind and water-resistant shell for weather protection
  • 2″ mock neck for additional coverage
  • Open arm-pit for optimal breathability
  • Back zipper pocket for convenient storage of essentials (pocket approx. 6.5″ W x 4.5″ H, zipper approx. 5”)
  • Internal hand mitt for optional added warmth and coverage
  • Reflective detailing for increased visibility in low-light settings

Pearl Izumi Fly Jacket Final Thoughts:

I love this jacket because it is not over-designed and takes a minimalist approach. This is a lightweight, packable jacket that gets the job done on a cool, damp day. This is obviously a winter jacket, so once you reach the 40 degree temperatures and depending on your workout intensity level, you may want to look for a lighter option.  Once you do hit the sub freezing temperatures, this is sure to keep you warm and protected from the elements.

The Pearly Izumi Fly Jacket retails for $80 and is offered in Black, Screaming Yellow, Jelly Bean and Mykonos Blue. You can pick one up directly from Pearl Izumi on their Website.

Erik Johnson

Erik moved to Colorado in 2007 to ski. Fast forward to 2017, Erik is still an avid skier, but loves to trail run and mountain bike as well. Over the past several years he's grown an affinity for winter trail running Erik is based out of Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two boys. His 3 year old Sven is quickly taking to skiing and he couldn't be more proud.

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