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2XU Ice X Singlet Review

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Stage 1 of the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run is known for its’ hot temperatures and unforgiving sun exposure. That is why I turned to my 2XU Ice X Singlet for day one and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The Ice X Singlet is designed to keep your body temperature down with the use of Xylitol and in-fared; I am not sure how it all works, but I could tell the difference between the Ice X Singlet vs my standard no frills singlet. 2XU states that the Xylitol embedded into the yarn draws heat away from the body, while the in-fared decreases or inhibits the in-fared rays from going through the garment, thus reducing the heat reaching the body.

The Ice X Singlet features a racer back design which meshes well with almost all of my sports bras. As far as sizing goes, I found the shoulder area to fit as expected, however the singlet flairs out from just under the bra line and makes the mid section a little sloppy. I don’t like garments to be too tailored, but the top felt a little too triangular or tent like over my hips. The fit did improve with a few trips through the dryer, which is something I typically avoid with technical wear.

This garment features flat locked seams which means a chafe free experience. The Ice X Singlet worked wonderfully with my pack and I didn’t develop any sore areas. To round out the list of features, the Ice X has an MP3 pocket in the rear, it is a simple envelope style. I didn’t use this pocket much in my testing because I am typically wearing a pack on long runs. On shorter runs, I put my keys in the pocket but found myself constantly checking to see if they were still there–as it does not feel all that secure. If placing a iPod back there, I wouldn’t go much bigger than a nano or a shuffle as the top is light and you may feel a lot off bounce with each stride.

The Ice X Singlet was a favorite on Stage 1 and I plan on wearing it again on future hot races due its’ soft feel and comfort. Did I mention, it also has some serious anti-stink properties, I washed it out after one wear with some soap and water, hung it on the line to dry and it is as good as new!

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