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Skin Strong Products Review

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While chaffage is not an exciting topic to talk or write about, it is something that many runners, cyclist,triathletes, and outdoor enthusiast encounter at one point or another. Chaffage if you are unaware is caused by skin rubbing together or skin rubbing fabric which often causes a rash and/or the to skin break.  This can become very painful during your activity and sometimes up to weeks after.

I am currently training for the Seattle Rock & Roll marathon and sometimes on my long runs, the skin on my legs tend to chafe.  This also happens when I wear particular shorts.  To help prevent chaffing, I have recently started to use a couple products by Skin Strong.  The two products in specific are Skin Strong Slather and Slik.  The Skin Strong Slather is a cream that you apply to area’s prone to chaffage and the Slik is in liquid form and you can spray it on the chaffage prone area’s.  My personal favorite is the Skin Strong Slik because it is easier to apply and drys a little faster than the cream.

Over the past month, I have found the Skin Strong products to be extremely effective in preventing chaffage while running.  It has definitely made my long runs more enjoyable. Outside of Skin Strong products performing the way they say they do, I also really like the smell of the product line.  This so-called smell is the smell of tee tree oil;  I personally enjoy the smell of tee tree oil.  So if you suffer from Chaffage and are looking for a cure, I would highly suggest taking a look at Skin Strong.  For more information, please visit http://skinstrong.com/


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  1. would like to see what is in Skin Strong product. Please publish your ingredients

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