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Headsweats Trucker Hats Review

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Headsweats 5-Panel Trucker Hat on a ski tour in spring conditions. The hat integrates well with a variety of sunglasses and doesn’t rub along the top of the ears or causing pinching or headaches.

Trucker hats can be found everywhere these days: at the bar, coffee shop, on backcountry ski tours, and pretty much any trail running adventure. I too have been sucked into the craze and often sport local Steamboat companies, such as Big Agnes or our local running series on my favorite trucker hat. Prior to the trucker hat, I wore many Headsweats running hats over the years. When I heard that Headsweats was jumping into the trucker hat market, I knew it was an item I wanted to test. Currently, Headsweats offers up two main styles, a 5-Panel Trucker and what I’m calling, a classic Trucker hat. I’ve been testing out both hats over the last several weeks and here are my initial impressions.

Top down view of the Headsweats 5-Panel Trucker with the Rocky Mountain landscape graphic. Note the visible sweat stain along the bill. Cleaned easily in the wash and no longer visible.

The Headsweats 5-Panel Trucker Style

The best way to describe the 5 Panel Trucker Hat is that its’ a technical, moisture-wicking hat combined with a trucker style. Basically, it looks like a regular trucker hat, but performs like the Headsweats running hats of old. The 5-Panel Trucker Style features Headsweats’ very own Eventure woven fabric in the shell, sweatband liner, and in the mesh back of the hat. The Eventure fabric is soft and stretchy, unlike the plastic woven mesh of a traditional trucker hat. The fabric is also very mold-able and soft on the first wear and doesn’t require a break in period to get the right shape for your head. The sandwich mesh layer in the back is thicker than a standard mesh for a trucker hat, but that has not caused our head to get warmer than usual or interfere with the dissipation of heat. The hat also dries quickly in between uses.

The Headsweats 5-Panel Trucker Hat is available in one size fits most. What I liked about this hat is that there is a lower profile and the hat doesn’t stand up high off my head or creep over my ears. The snap back closure is easy to adjust and has accommodated all the friends I’ve asked to try on my well used hat (male and female). I tested out the 5-Panel Trucker in the Rocky Mountains landscape, which features a starry sky and black bill and mesh back. The black coloring does turn white due to sweat with a long day on the trail, however a quick cycle through the wash on cold and air dry and its’ looking as good as new. For summer, I would opt for a lighter colored hat and fortunately Headsweats has numerous landscape graphics to choose from, including Monument Valley, Borealis, Golden Gate Bridge, and Yellowstone to name a few. Or you can opt for Yoga or Bigfoot inspired patterns and landscapes.

Headsweats Trucker Hat

Headsweats also offers an assortment of what I have been calling the classic Trucker Hat. On the Headsweats website you can differentiate between the 5-Panel design and the Trucker Hat in the search criteria. The classic Headsweats Trucker Hat features Eventure shell material and Eventure woven into the sweatband liner, however the mesh back panel is composed of plastic material and not of the sandwiched mesh Eventure. The plastic material is light weight, but not nearly as soft. I found the material rubbed the tops of my ears, and I’d say I have normal-ish ears. This was an issue for 2 other wearers of the hat, but another 4 people didn’t complain or object. We all have different ear heights and head shapes, so if you experience this with a lot of hats, this style might not be for you.

Headsweats Colorado Rainbow Trucker Hat

The Headsweats Trucker Hat features a classic 6 panel design. Like the 5-Panel style above, it features a snap-back closure and one size fits most. The Trucker Hat is also available in a variety of landscape designs and location based, to help sport your Colorado, Ohio, or American pride.

No matter the style, the Headsweats performance trucker hats retail for $25 and feature quality construction, well above the standard trucker hat you are likely to find in most retail shops. If I had to choose between my regular freebie trucker hats that I have received from races or the Headsweats 5-Panel or Trucker Hat, I’d definitely opt for the Headsweats option for high sweat and intensity exercise.

For more information on these hats and to see the wide array of fun logos and designs, please visit Headsweats.com.

Costa Whitetips

Headsweats Colorado Rainbow Trucker near Gray’s Peak in Colorado on a spring ski tour.

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