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Brooks Ghost 5 Review

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Brooks Ghost 5

In only its 5 edition, the Brooks Ghost 5 is hitting it out of the ball park for many runners, including our own running shoe testers at AGR.  The Brooks Ghost 5 is a neutral positioned running shoe that is lightweight, stable, and fits a plethora of runners feet very well.  I’ve been running in the Brooks Ghost for many years now and right out of the gate, Brooks was on to something.  After the first couple editions, it has only been small changes here and there, because they didn’t want to ruin something that was so good for so many runners.

The Brooks Ghost 5 weighs in at 10.7 oz. for men’s 9 and comes with a 12mm heel to toe drop.  As you can see this doesn’t fit into the popular category of minimalist running, but not every shoe should.  10.7 oz. for a men’s neutral running shoe is pretty light, yet this running shoe can log a lot of miles in comfort and in style.  I’ve tested these shoes on short, medium, and long distance runs and I was impressed on the shoes performance each and every run.  Enough cushion and support for long runs and lightweight for those short fast runs.

Brooks Ghost 5 Running Shoes


Ghost 5 Running ShoesThe upper of the Brooks Ghost 5 is made from a mesh outer with synthetic overlays for structural integrity of the shoe.  The outer mesh is a large weave while the inner mesh of the outer is tightly woven and creates a cushioned barrier around the foot.  This also helps keep the foot in place while running.  The toe box is average in the D (medium) width model tested.  This has been pretty true when it comes to Brooks running shoes.  It is very rare that Brooks makes a narrow fitting running shoe.  I wouldn’t say they cater to wide feet, but I don’t feel they cater to narrow feet.  The Heel cup of the Ghost 5 does a nice job of keeping your heel from slipping up and down while running, allowing for a more efficient gate and helps prevent blisters.  On the outside of the heel section, there is a mix of sythetic leather and plastic to provide a durable, yet semi-flexible heel cup.

Ghost 5 MidsoleThe midsole of the Brooks Ghost 5 is made from a blown EVA to allow for a smooth cushioned yet firm enough ride.  This EVA also allows the shoe to stay relatively light too.  For added buoyancy and longevity, the Ghost 5 also has Brooks DNA in the midsole which is a hardened gel like substance.  This substance is about 2-3 years old for Brooks.  Along the outsole of the Ghost 5, the designers at Brooks use a durable rubber that carefully moves from the heel to the toe.  Through the middle or spine of the shoe, there is no outsole rubber in place as this was an area Brooks felt they could remove some material and shave weight without negatively affecting the runners gait or stride.  For a small amount of stability, the Ghost 5 has a very small plastic plate on the inside of the foot, just under where the arch of the foot would sit.  Through all my testing, I wasn’t able to feel this plastic plate.

As you might have noticed from my review, I am a big fan of the Brooks Ghost 5 and I give it a healthy 2 thumbs up for the neutral runner.

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