Privacy Policy

At, we take our visitors privacy very serious.  We understand there are people out there wanting to steal your information and do not so great things with it. We are constantly updating our web platform with security updates and we do all we can to keep your visit safe and enjoyable.

Advertising Programs

From time to time, we have advertisers that place banner advertisements or run a piece of sponsored content. We do not allow our advertisers the ability to collect your personal information unless it is obvious to our visitors, such as asking someone to enter their name and email address for a newsletter or a contest.

Google Adsense

We work with Google Adsense to display advertising that’s related to your interest.  As most of you know by now, Google is constantly tracking almost everyone’s move on the internet.  While not everyone may like this, we have chosen Google as a trusted advertising partner since they are extremely secure and provide one of the best advertising platforms to help us keep the lights on.

Google Analytics

To best understand how our visitors use the website and to see what products our visitors are most interested in, we use Google Analytics. This program tracks a visitors path throughout the website and can collect information such as what city you are from, but it does not collect any sensitive personal information.

Email Marketing

From time to time, we send out emails to those who have signed up for our email list. We try to keep the emails we send out to a minimum to respect both your time and inbox sanity.

Please Support our Affiliates

As with other gear review related websites, we work with a network of trusted retailers to bring you the products you’re interested in at an affordable price.  Every time you click on a link to a retailer’s website and make a purchase, we get a small percentage of the total purchase.  It is greatly appreciated when you can click through and support these retailers as it helps us provide quality gear reviews at no cost to you.

Products Reviewed

In most cases, the products that you see in the reviews have been provided by the brands and manufactures.  While this could influence the gear reviews, we have a strict policy with all of our writers to provide honest and accurate reviews.

Objective Product Reviews with a splash of Opinion

With the various uses of products and hundreds of body types, we know that it’s important to be objective when writing about a product.  Since a product may fit completely different on two different people, we know it’s important to not get too focused on the exact fit of a tester’s body type.  We also understand weather, terrain, and type of use can greatly affect the performance of a product.  For this, we try to include the weather conditions, types of terrain, and any other factors that might affect a product’s performance into our reviews.

To prevent our reviews from being too boring and dry, we encourage all of our writers to add in their own personal flair to each gear review.