Sorel Madson Wingtip Boot Review

sorel madson wingtip boot

Price: $230 Sorel has long been a household name in the category of winter boots that can withstand some of the coldest temperatures and harshest winter conditions.  In the last few years, Sorel has had an increased focus on the fashion side of footwear, trying to get their foot in the door into the world of high priced footwear which ...

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Merrell Berner Moc Review

merrell berner moc

For the times you need to step up your game just a little bit above a pair of running shoes or hiking boots, the Merrell Berner Moc might just be the shoe for you. The Merrell Berner Moc can best be described as a mix between a light hiking shoe and a dress shoe.  The Berner Moc is composed of a ...

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Groove Ring Review

Groove Ring

When you lead an active lifestyle, metal wedding bands tend to get in the way and can even cause harm in certain situations. Have you ever lifted weights with a metal band? Snagged your ring on something, and feel as if you almost lost your finger? Or accidentally touched the positive terminal when changing a car battery with your ring ...

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