Smith Rover Helmet Review

Smith Route Rover Helmet

After the popularity in using a new type of protection material and design called Koroyd in previous higher end bike and snow helmets, Smith is pushing the Koroyd technology into bike helmet categories for the everyday rider.  There are two bike helmets in this recent collection; the Smith Rover focused on mountain biking which has a visor and the Smith ...

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Zuke’s Power Bones Review

Zuke's Power Bones

Whenever we head out for a day on the trails, it seems that our dogs skip breakfast. It’s almost as if they don’t want to get an upset stomach or deal with having too many stops on the trail. Whatever their reasons, I bring along Zuke’s Power Bones and was thrilled to have the opportunity to write a review on ...

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A National Parks Project T-shirt Review

Parks Project

  A National Parks Project Tees introduction This is a shirt review. Well, sort of?!? The fine folks at Parks Project have a bigger picture and mission in mind. “A few years ago we signed up to volunteer in the parks, figuring a little hard work in one of our favorite places with some like-minded folks would be a good way ...

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Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Brewer Review

Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

“Gooooooood morning” Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Brewer The rage, the hype, the NEW wave of drinking coffee has arrived, (Note sarcasm here)!  Coffee shops around the country are promoting their “slow” coffee bars with manual pour-over coffees. This surely beats the coffee from the pot on the burner that may have been sitting for half an hour.  Mind you, the cost of this kind of ...

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Kelty Low-Love Seat Review

Kelty Low-Love Seat

Kelty Low-Love Seat Initial Thoughts There are lawn chairs, and then there’s the “Camping Couch” as we’ve affectionately named our Kelty Low-Love Seat. Our family has had numerous battles to decide on who gets the honor and pleasure of sitting in the fire side lounger. Ultimately, I am glad when the little ones conk out for the night in the tent. ...

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XX2i Hawaii1 Sunglasses Review

XX2i Hawaii1

XX2i HAWAII1 Sunglasses We’re in the heat of summer and it’s it not only blazing hot, but also blinding bright out there.  Fortunately XX2i Optics sent us some shades to check out, and we’ve put ’em through the ringer. The XX2i HAWAII1, one of their performance models, with carbon fiber frames and polarized lenses, makes for a great pair of ...

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Chums Downriver Rolltop Bag Review

Chums Downriver Rolltop Bag

Chums Downriver Rolltop Bag Review Electronics and water sports rarely play well together.  That is unless there is way of keeping the electronics safe and dry.  Chums is a company that specializes in keeping expensive sunglasses safe during water sports since 1983.  Recently, Chums has introduced to the Downriver Rolltop Bag that allows water sports enthusiasts to keep their electronics safe when ...

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LifeStraw Invites Global Teams, Citizens to Help Brazilians in Need Gain Access to Safe Water During Athletic Competitions in Rio Through The Brazil Project


This week, as all eyes are on Rio and athletes from around the world, LifeStraw, a leader in safe water technology, is inviting global teams and citizens to get involved, not only as spectators, but also, as active agents of change through The Brazil Project.  Steps away from the new competition arenas, millions of people are living in poverty, and ...

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