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New GU brew Sports Drink review

Gu brew Sports Drink 24 serving orange canister

Gu brew Sports Drink

With the new GU brew Sports Drink you get a powder that dissolves quickly, tastes great and has less calories and carbs than the previous GU Electrolyte Brew, while still supplying the right amount of electrolytes for your training. This is a great formula for those that would prefer to eat their calories rather than drink them.

GU brew Sports Drink new Formula

So what’s new about GU brew Sports Drink? They already had an Electrolyte Brew that required 34 grams of powder to fill one 21 oz bottle. The new formula only needs 19 grams, why is this important? One example is for portability.  Now they can fit one serving in small Stick Packs. You can them carry with you, and they are small enough that you can fit them anywhere and use while training. The new GU brew Sports Drink also has half the calories than before, coming in at 70 calories per serving. It does contain less sodium 250mg and potassium 30mg than the old formula (325mg and 50mg respectively), but that is simply because you have less content per serving. The taste has also been “lightened”, I tested the watermelon flavor. I didn’t think this was going to be good, but the taste is so subtle and it actually tastes very refreshing.

The new GU brew Sports Drink formula also uses both glucose and fructose to maximize the carb delivery to your muscles. Your stomach uses 2 different receptors to absorb each carb. During 3 hour bike rides I hydrated with two 21oz water bottles and am I happy to report that it was sufficient for my hydration needs. I am a heavy sweater so the fact that I wasn’t cramping at the end of my rides is a good sign.

GU brew Sports Drink Flavors

During my testing, as I stated before, I used the Watermelon mostly. I did try the Lemon Tea and Blueberry Pomegranate as well, these came in the stick packs (see photo below).

GU Brew Sports Drink Stick Packs

The rest of the flavors are:

  • Lemon Lime
  • Orange
  • Tastefully Nude

The Lemon Tea contains 20mg of caffeine and the Blueberry Pomegranate has 2x the sodium, so if you are looking for caffeine or more sodium those are the flavors your should choose.

The taste on all 3 flavors I had was very subtle but still had enough “taste”, which I personally like more than just drinking water. I think I’ve always had some type of flavor on all my sports drinks over the years. Thus when I work out now, my taste buds expect at least a little bit of flavor.

Package Options for GU brew Sports Drink

There are two ways you can purchase the new BU brew Sports Drink. You can get them in 10 gram stick packs, or in a 24 serving travel friendly canister.
New GU Brew Sports Drink

During my testing I traveled with the canister, simply put it in my carry-on, never leaked and I was able to have hydration while my training away from home.

Mix-ability of GU brew Sports Drink

You can find a lot of of sports drinks that you can mix at home. For me, one of the best features of the new GU brew Sports Drink is that it mixes in less than 10 seconds. You don’t want to be shaking your water bottle for minutes before you go out, or while you are refilling your sports drink. Instead of just talking about it, I made a quick video to show how fast it was. I stopped in the middle of the video to check, it was 90% mixed but just to make sure I continued for a little longer.


With only 10 grams of sugars, no protein or fat, and no artificial food dyes, the new GU brew Sports Drink is an excellent companion for the athlete that doesn’t want a lot of flavor (or any with the Tastefully Nude) on their sports drink. You can get the sticks for $1.50 and the canister for $20. You can buy them directly from the GU Energy website:  www.guenergy.com

GU brew Sports Drink is also perfect also for people on the go that still require good hydration during workouts or even races if you’d like to eat your calories instead of drink them.


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