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Toasted or Roasted Game Review

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Toasted or Roasted. It's game time!!!

“Toasted or Roasted”

Toasted or Roasted Introduction

Toasted or Roasted is a creation by Education Outdoors whose founder, Tim Paczesny, felt a strong need to educate families and children about the outdoors. Its mission is “to bring families together to interact and learn about the outdoors.” A wonderful idea, of course, but I was curious how that could be achieved with a simple card and board game. Then we played, and I quickly received my answer on how Toasted or Roasted positively impacted my family’s experience. I do want to note that we are blessed with being able to take our kids into the outdoors quite regularly.

Toasted or Roasted Game Components:

  • 4 Firewood/Campfire Discs
  • 4 Toasting Stick/Toasting Fork Discs
  • 10 Fire Starter Cards
  • 16 Toasted! Cards
  • 8 Roasted! Cards
  • 2 Rain Cards
  • 2 Strong Wind Cards
  • 1 Picnic Table Board

Toasted or Roasted comes in a re-sealable bag which I think is clever, because it is waterproof and looks like a bag of Marshmallows you may buy at the grocery store. The package graphics are eye-catching, and the instructions are easy to follow. The Picnic Table Board is placed in the center for drawing and discarding your cards.  The Firewood/Campfire and Toasting Stick/Toasting Fork Circular Discs are the individual players’ game cards on which the Marshmallow gets assembled.

Ready to play Roasted or Toasted

Ready to play Roasted or Toasted

Toasted or Roasted Objective

The object of Toasted or Roasted is really rather simple. You want to be the first to start your campfire by using the Fire Starter, and then assemble using the Roasting Stick, the Marshmallow, and the Toasted Card. Once you’ve completed this three times, you are the winner.  “Not so fast, my friend,” while you are trying to accomplish that, your opponents can thwart that effort with a “Rain”, a “Strong Wind”, or a “Roasted” card forcing you to start over. My fiercest opponent (my wife) happens to like a crispy marshmallow, and thought the game should allow for crispy charred lovers of marshmallows.  Alas we had to stick to the rules and we “toasted” her to start over with a fresh new marshmallow.

Toasted or Roasted is for ages 6 and up, and that does seem to be the right age. We did allow our almost 5 year old to partake because she is a big board game fan. With a little help she thoroughly enjoyed the game, and completely blindsided me with a torrential rain downpour that extinguished my fire.  Her enthusiasm and knowledge was taken to the next level when she was the first to put together a nicely “Roasted” marshmallow.  She now continually asks to play because as she puts it “I am the best Marshmallow maker”. The only thing that caused some confusion was the amount of cards one should have in their hands.  You start out with 4 cards, and with each turn you draw a card.  Then you use your cards to build your marshmallow, or use them to prevent your opponents from doing the same.  Really quickly you’d be left without any cards except the one you just picked up. Do you draw more to stay at four cards in your hands at all times, or continue playing with a diminished hand?

Even the little ones who could not quite understand the game found a way to make a castle with the cards.

Even the little ones who couldn’t quite understand “Toasted or Roasted” found a way to enjoy it by making a card castle. And Moab our Weimaraner was just not interested 🙂

Toasted or Roasted Final Thoughts

I highly recommend Toasted or Roasted. In our case it was a nice way to get the family involved in thinking about summer fun around a bonfire, or to create excitement for an upcoming camping trip.  Education Outdoors is attempting to teach kids about nature and outdoor elements that they may not be able to experience otherwise. The game is simple enough to allow the little ones to grasp the concept, and entertaining enough for the adults.  One other little tidbit that I thought was a nice touch is the fact the youngest player always gets to start. And if there’s ever a dispute, the youngest player also gets to make the decisions.  All in all, Toasted or Roasted is a great game for some quality time, education, gamesmanship, and critical thinking.  For more information please visit www.educationoutdoors.com

MSRP: $13.95

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  1. Wonderful review, Niels. To answer your question about hand-size, always start your turn by drawing to five cards. Usually this is one card, but it can be two cards if you played two marshmallow cards earlier, or you played a strong wind and the turn jumped to you.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks so much. That clears it up. Our 5 year old wants to play all the time….. 🙂

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