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Oboz Traverse Mid Boot Review

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The Oboz Traverse Mid boot was my first experience with Oboz and I’m happy to say it was a very positive one.  The Traverse Mid is an excellent mid weight/height hiking boot and offers a proprietary waterproof/breathable membrane and an aggressive tread design for traction.  This boot is great for most hikes and weekend trips and I put it through its paces in some late winter conditions.


Side view of lacing system


Heel retention is taken care of by two pieces webbing straps that connect down to the heel.


Closeup of heel retention webbing.

The Traverse Mid boot is designed with a great out of the box fit and I felt at home in them as soon as I slipped them on.  I’m a stickler about having a roomy toe box and the Traverse had enough room for my toes to spread out naturally.  The toe box was not as wide as some other brands, so it will make a good option if you are wary of sloppiness in the fore foot.  The lacing system is great once you put the boot on, but it doesn’t release very well, which makes it a bit of an effort to take off and put on the boot each time.  This same quality leads to a nice secure feel when you crank down the laces though.  As far as heel retention, I found that the boot last was designed to work very much in tandem with the lacing system to keep your foot in place on descents and I needed to tighten them more than normal to keep from slipping forward.  That said, there was no pain or pressure points associated with tightening down the laces.  The Traverse Mid seemed to run true to size as my sample size 12s were right on the money in length for me.


The toe is upturned for a rockered walking motion. The aggressive tread on the front of toe adds protection and traction.


The heel rolls through strides nicely.


A proprietary waterproof/breathable membrane called the Oboz BDry gives the Traverse Mid provides the protection from the elements needed in a hiking boot.  I sloshed through slushy wet snow and stood in shallow puddles and never had any water soak through or leaking.  The breathability seemed strong as well as I did not get steamy when exerting energy.  As far as insulation goes, the Traverse Mid is on the lower side, making it more of a 3 season boot and probably not the greatest winter option for those with cold feet.

The waterproof membrane in the Oboz Traverse Mid held up to full submersion without problems.

The waterproof membrane in the Oboz Traverse Mid held up to full submersion without problems.

Hiking in the Oboz Traverse Mid boot is a pleasure due to the rockered heel and toe that gives a rolling through the stride effect.  Moving up the trail felt more rhythmic than with a lot of footwear options because of this.  An aggressive tread pattern offers solid traction in most conditions.  The tread provided pretty good stability on icy spots.  Deep lugs are placed in a way that cuts down on weight without sacrificing traction.

Overall, the Oboz Traverse Mid boot combines an excellent fit and feel with solid protection from the elements and traction ability.  This is a great option for a 3 season boot that can work for most hiking/backpacking scenarios.  The Traverse Mid boot retails for $160.00.

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