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Sealskinz Dragon Eye MTB Ultralite Glove Review

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Sealskinz Dragon Eye MTB Ultralite Glove

With mountain bike season in full swing, you may be looking at your mtb gear and thinking to yourself, is this going to hold up for the full season or is it time to get a new shiny pair of mtb gloves.  The Sealskinz Dragon Eye MTB gloves is an ultralight glove that is designed for riders needing a little less cushion, but still wants full coverage on their hands and fingers.

Seal Skinz MTB Gloves

While some mtb gloves can to get sweaty and hot in warm temps,The Dragon Eye MTB glove does a nice job at allowing your hands to breath.  The fabric is thinner than most gloves on the market, but it holds up to all the brush bys of ferns, tall grasses, branches and more while through vegetation.  Through my testing, I’ve also found them to withstand small falls, I’ve been lucky this season to not test them out on any major diggers so far.

Breathable palm

Breathable palm

The gloves have a suede palm with rubber grips on your fingers that touch the breaks.  The suede has small holes in it for breathability and it’s also flexible so you can easily wrap your hand around your grips.  The two fingers used for breaking have a sticky rubber layer that makes it easy to grab the break and helps keep the break from slipping in those oh sh!t moments.

For those who find the need to take a photo every 1/2 mile on a ride there is even a small piece of material that is compatible with your phone’s screen on the pointer finger and thumb.  I tested these with an iPhone 7 and they worked like a gem. Yes, we all know that if you didn’t take a picture of that sweet drop and put it on Facebook or Strava, it didn’t happen.  All jokes aside, this is a nice feature to have.


I’ve found no funky seams inside the gloves which is also welcomed. To keep you from fidgeting too much with your glove fit while riding, there are no straps around the wrist.  Instead, there is a snug elastic band that is snug around the wrist, but doesn’t cut off circulation.  If you’re putting a lot of weight on your hands with the handlebars for a long day of riding, the lack of padding can create some soreness if you’re not used to it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’ve been really happy with the Sealskinz Dragon Eye MTB Ultralite Glove in my testing.  The glove is easy to take on and off, it provides the protection you need while still being able to breath, and it even cuts the cold and wind a little for those early morning rides.  For more information, visit Sealskinz.com.

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