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A Close Shave: Checking out Leg Lube

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For male runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes, the topic of shaved legs will likely come up at some point. For some it is a common occurrence while others will never cross over to the smoother side. I’ll never forget when I moved to Boulder, Colo. and on my first day was told, “welcome to Boulder, where the men shave their legs and the women don’t.” But rather than get into the reasons why some men shave, I want to give you a look at a product that can make the process go more smoothly (pun intended).

Leg Lube can help make shaving a smoother experience.

Leg Lube is an athletic shave gel designed for men and women, and can be used with or without water. Rather than soaping up with flowery scented beauty product, Leg Lube is for athletes and designed by athletes.  A clear gel with a clean scent, it won’t leave you smelling like a rose and making your friends wonder even more about your choices. In the shower you use it like any other gel- apply, lather, then shave. Unique to Leg Lube, you can also use it out of the shower, though you will need some water to rinse off the razor and your legs.

As a long time leg shaver, my wife won’t let me go more than a week, I have used all manners of razors and gel combinations, and at this point typically use the Gillette Mach 3 and no shave gel or cream. So I gave Leg Lube a shot and instantly noticed a difference. First off, it is a clear gel that doesn’t foam up like regular shaving products. It is paraben free, with aloe, tea tree oil and other natural and not so natural ingredients. At first I thought I would have to use half the bottle just for one shave, but though it doesn’t lather up, a little bit goes a very long way once you spread it out.

I would say a quarter sized dollop is all you need for one leg. Used in the shower, I immediately noticed a difference. Using an older razor so I wouldn’t taint the experiment, the whole experience was faster and smoother. The razor glided over my legs and I never had to go over the same spot twice. What I liked most was how much it reduced irritation. For men and women, getting above the legs can cause irritation, even with a new razor and going with the grain. With Leg Lube that was greatly reduced thankfully. Leg Lube left my legs with bit of a tingly feeling, but it wasn’t overly so and only lasted 15 minutes or so.

Using Leg Lube without having to shower, I was pretty skeptical about how it would work. Again I applied it directly on my legs, lathered up and went at it. Immediately I was impressed at how little irritation there was. In fact, using Leg Lube dry was a better overall experience than using no gel in the shower. I did rinse the razor quite often, but that is just part of doing the job properly. I felt no hairs being pulled and did not have to go over spots multiple times to get a clean shave. While I’m not really sure where you may need to shave when you don’t have a shower (camping for a race maybe) it is nice to know you can use it if you need to.

This is a product that while you don’t need it, is nice to have, especially for those with sensitive skin or who shave often. I like that it is comes in in simple squeeze bottle that is better for the environment. Of course you can use Leg Lube for your chest, arms, bikini, even your face. This is a simple product that does make a difference in your shaving experience, so for you men that take that step, make it easier on yourself and give Leg Lube a try.

MSRP $8.99

Available on-line at: www.leglube.com

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