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FITS Sock Co Light Runner No Show Review

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FITS Light Active No Show in Light Grey

FITS Light Active No Show in Light Grey

FITS Sock Co, as its’ name implies, aims to provide you with the best fitting sock out on the market. Working in the gear review industry means that I have slipped my feet into many different socks, all claiming one thing, to be the best. FITS Sock Co did not falter during my testing of the Light Runner No Show sock.

For starters, the Light Runner No Shows feel incredibly soft and luxurious during the first wear or on the 25th wear thanks to FITS incorporation of two-ply, compact spun, ultra fine Merino wool. A new pair of socks always feels great, however the Light Runner’s have kept their loft and shape despite numerous wears and washes, leaving your feet with the feeling of new socks. The Light Runner No Show features more padding in the heel and toe region and a tailored-lighter portion over the midfoot; providing cushion where you need it and more breathability in the areas that don’t need as much padding.

As for the fit, these socks did not disappoint. FITS utilizes a deeper heel pocket than most socks and a nearly invisible loop toe seam to help keep the socks in place and free of rubbing or hot spots. I would agree with all of these claims, the Light Runner No Shows stayed put once on and I didn’t think about my feet at all while running up to 4 hours in them. I never had to bend over and re-adjust or pull the sock up so that my heel wasn’t getting rubbed raw by my shoe. Rather, the No Show design allows for little visibility from the sides, with just enough protection across the contact areas with the tongue and heel cup portion of the shoe.

One downside to the Light Runner No Show is that it is only available for women. Men, you should check out the Light Runner Low, which features a slightly higher rise but packs the same fabric and design as the No Show. As for the sizing, the Light Runner No Show is available in size small to large, with the following diagram below to help you pick the right size. As a 9.5, I am right on the boarder of the medium and large- I went with the medium and didn’t feel that they were too tight at all. These socks are also available in 3 different stripe combos, two solid colors, and a floral pattern.

The Light Runner No Show was primarily tested in temperatures ranging from 45-95 degrees. These socks were best suited for temperatures up to about 80 degrees or so; with the higher temperatures my feet were kept a bit more damp. For hot temperatures and/or climates, FITS also makes an Ultra Light Runner No Show, available for both men and women. Perhaps, these socks would be a better option for endeavors in higher temperatures.

These socks retail for $15.99 and some may say that is a pretty steep price, however these socks are made from primarily merino wool (touch of spandex, nylon, and polyester) and are crafted in a way that appears that they will hold up for quite a long time. Plus, as I said before, putting these socks on feels like putting a new pair each and every time. Investing in a good pair of socks to use again and again is a lot cheaper than buying a new pair of socks for each run:)

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