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Stio Gannett Peak Hooded Jacket Review

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Stio, an outdoor brand out of Jackson, WY is on the quest to become one of the leading brands in the outdoor industry.  As you most of you know, Jackson, WY provides a great testing ground for product development and if you take a look at the team page on the Stio website, it’s obvious the group of people there are passionate about gear, even the accounting people!  In this review, we’ll be give you the rundown on the Stio Gannett Peak Hood Jacket.

The Gannett Peak Hood Jacket actually works great as a mid-layer under a shell on a cooler day, but it also works good by itself in higher exertion winter activities such as skinning or snowshoeing.  The Gannett Peak is listed as a jacket, but in my opinion it’s a mid-layer.

Mid-layer hoodies aren’t necessarily anything new to the market, but they’re a must have in any gear closet.  They work great from a functional and performance standpoint, but they also work good in casual situations suach as going out to dinner or grabbing a tasty beverage with friends. One thing that I enjoy with the Stio Gannett Peak Hood Jacket is that has style vs. a plain solid color.

Stio Gannett Peak Hood Jacket Fit


The Gannett Peak has a roomier fit compared to similar models from other brands. I personally would like a little more athletic cut, but if you have a larger stomach area, the Gannett Peak will fit fine.  I’m 6’0 tall and 175lbs to give you some perspective. I found the front zipper to have a little bit of an odd flow, you can notice the wavy flow in the picture.


Nice Features Worth Noting


  • Hood for foul weather protection
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Chest zippered pocket
  • Draft flap on front zip

Athletic Performance

Stio Gannett Peak

Throughout my uses while skinning, skiing at the resort, snowshoeing, and shoveling snow, I’ve been very happy with the overall performance of the Stio Gannett Peak Hooded Jacket. It keeps you warm when you want to stay warm, but the fleece fabric also breathes well to keep your body temperature regulated.

Final Thoughts

There are some downsides such as the wavy front zipper and extra room around the stomach area which I find needs to be figured out with a price point of $155.  I wanted to really like the Gannett Peak as it looks great in pictures online, but I recommend trying on the top first to make sure it fits your body type and needs.

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