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Lole Passage Pants and Theory Top Review

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Passage 2

If you are planning an upcoming trip, you should check out some of the latest products from Lole, including the Passage Pants and Theory Top.

The Passage Pants have quickly become a key player in my wardrobe due to their versatility and comfort. The Passage Pants can be worn for many days in a row and look no worse for the wear. These pants feature Lole’s Nano Carbon Light fabric, which is touted as moisture-wicking, wrinkle free, quick-drying, odor resistant, and stretchy. The fabric content breakdown is as follows: 65% nylon, 25% polyester, and 10% Elastane. The combo makes these pants feel really durable and even a bit water resistant if caught in the rain. If that isn’t enough to keep you pleased, the Passage Pants also feature a UPF rating of 50+. These pants truly move with you, which is nice when you are out on the trail.

Passage Pant in Moonlight

The Passage Pants feature belt loops, but you will never need to wear a belt thanks to an internal waistband adjustment system. Inside there is a yellow stretchy band with various cut-outs and varying lengths and a button on each side. To cinch the pants simply pull the yellow band towards your middle and loop around the button on each side to get your customized fit. I found this system to be super handy because these pants sit low on your waist to start with, and stretch out a bit as the day goes on. Having the ability to adjust on the go is a great feature.

Passage Pant in Branch

These pants feature two large front pockets that you can easily put your hands into. The right pocket features a small clip to perhaps clip keys or any other valuables. There is a small zippered pocket just above the knee that I have yet to use. It is a good idea, but I am not sure I will use the pocket because I don’t typically like things moving around as I walk. There are two large rear pockets as well to give a bit of style to your backside.

Rear view of the Passage Pant in Moonlight

The Passage Pants feature a low rise, as mentioned above, and a straight leg. I ordered a size 6 originally to be a little safe, despite having some measurements better suited for a size 4. The size 6 was perfect through the waist, but that was it. I felt that the pants were painted over my thighs. I am an athletic person and have some quads to sport, yet I was surprised by how tight these pants were. I sized up to an 8 and am super happy with how they fit in the legs. I will, however, be using the cinch system because,  after wearing them for a few hours, the pants have stretched out and the waist is now a little big on me.  The inseam is 32″ and I would like to see an option for longer inseam in the future. A boot cut may also work a tad better when wearing these with hiking shoes as well. Despite my minor beefs with these pants, they are a handy addition to my wardrobe because of their ability to blend with casual and active adventures.

The Passage Pants are available in sizes 2-14, in the following versatile colors: Moonlight (gray), Black, and Branch (brown). MSRP is $ 90.

Now what to wear on your top half while traveling? The Theory Top solves this problem and can be worn in combo with the Passage Pant. The Theory top comes in a variety of colors and has contrast stripes to add a bit of fun: brown with white stripes, black with white stripes, white with red or green stripes, and gray with purple stripes.

The Theory Top is a 3 button Henley, with a feminine v-neck line. The top is versatile because it can be worn as a long sleeve or rolled up to 3/4 length. The sleeves are full-length and feature a button fastener and tab to keep them rolled up if temps start to rise.

A generous length, 26 inches, and a curved shirttail round out the details. I typically don’t tuck shirts in, however, I felt more comfortable with this top tucked in due to its longer length. Pair with some jeans and a fun belt to jazz it up a bit (alternatively, it might look good worn out and paired with leggings).   The Theory top is composed of 95% organic cotton that is super soft, while a touch of elastane helps the top to keep its’ shape and move with you when on the go.

The top is a wonderfully soft, easy to care for Organic Cotton, making it a good piece for travel.   Like the Passage Pants, the Theory Top has a UPF factor of 50+.

Available in size XS to XL with an MSRP of $55.

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