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Patagonia Performance Jeans Review

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Patagonia Performance Jeans

MSRP: $119

Let’s face it, our casual clothes don’t always follow the rules of casual activity such as walking city streets and going to neighborhood bbq’s. While the Patagonia Performance Jeans will keep you looking good for casual activities and Jean Fridays at work, it’s nice to know you can count on them on your bike commute into work and other semi-strenuous activities.

The Patagonia Performance Jeans are made with a 71% organic cotton / 29% COOLMAX® T400 polyester mechanical stretch denim blend that allows for the look and feel of a regular pair of jeans.  The last thing you want to do is spend $100+ on a pair of jeans and have them look like a pair of hiking pants.  If you find yourself caught in a rain shower while on your commute, it’s nice to know these pants have a DWR coating which helps repel the rain.  This is a little overkill if you live in an area that doesn’t see a lot of moisture, but if you live in the Northwest where you get a lot of rain, it makes perfect sense.

Patagonia Performance Jeans Fit


These pants are described as loose fitting around the hips on the Patagonia website, but I sized up from a 32 to a 33 in the hips and I still find them a little snug compared to a traditional fitting pair of jeans.  The fit between the feet and the knees is slim to average.  Coming from someone who typically wears a boot fit style of jean, it took a few wears to get use to this fit, but it’s ok to stay in style from time to time.Patagonia Performance Jeans Fit

The Patagonia Performance Jeans are a little different from my typical jeans style.  We all have preferences when it comes to jean styles, some like them loose, baggy, tight, etc.  These jeans keep up with today’s trends of having a slimmer fit throughout the jean. I am personally comfortable with one or two pairs of these jeans, but I won’t go swapping out all of my standard boot cut fitting jeans.

Small Details

In most higher end products, whether it’s a vacuum cleaner or a piece of clothing, you will typically see some small details that are paid attention to.  Patagonia usually has a few of these small details in each product they create, something that makes each piece unique.  The the Patagonia Performance Jeans, I found the following to stand out.  A Patagonia branded button, the Patagonia color pallet on the top of the right hand pocket, a logo tag when you flip the pant cuffs, and pockets that call out the fact that Patagonia uses organic cotton.

Environmental Impact

The process of making jeans takes a lot of water and isn’t environmentally friendly.  Patagonia knows this and they have put their own spin on the jean making process.  Patagonia claims their process minimizes energy use by 30%, water use by 84% and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 24% compared to traditional dyeing processes when making jeans.  To learn more about the process of making denim at Patagonia, visit http://www.patagonia.com/denim.html

Final Thoughts

I find casual performance products to do best for those living in the city who don’t want to go out and buy specific gear for specific activities.  If you’re a gearhead like myself, I usually like to use specific gear for specific activities.  I personally see jeans more for casual. I like to keep my casual clothing looking a bit nicer than my outdoor gear.  I’m not sure that I plan on taking these pants out for long hikes, mtb rides, etc.  Depending on your activities and whether you are taking full advantage of the casual performance trend, these jeans may or may not fit the bill.  I found the Patagonia Performance Jeans to fit like a good quality pair of jeans and that’s what they will be used for me.

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