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Exofficio Venture Wool 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Sweater Review

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Primoloft Sweater

It’s becoming time for sweater season, one of my most favorite seasons!  Sweater season to me means that the leaves are starting to change, the temperature is starting to fall, and snow is on its way(at least for some people).  After noticing that Exofficio came out with some new sweaters with Primaloft, I had the itch to see how these new sweaters performed against some of last seasons sweaters I have stored away.  I’ve been testing out the sweater in mostly casual situation and some formal situations, but not as many “active” situations.  In casual situations, I received a ton of compliments and on date night with my fiance’, I was told I look really nice, which is a bonus.  I sometimes have to wear a shirt and tie for more formal work activities, and to be honest, that’s probably my least favorite outfit.  Lucky for me, I have been able to wear the Exofficio Venture Wool sweater in more formal situations as well, allowing me to escape the agonies of wearing a tie.

The Venture Wool 1/4 Zip sweater is made with Primaloft, which is a technical fabric that is a step above your typical wool fabric.  Primoloft is a synthetic fabric that is great when you are looking to add warmth, but not bulk and weight. This can come in useful while you are skiing as you don’t get all the bulk, giving you a better range of motion while not sacrificing warmth.  In addition to less bulk, the Primaloft and wool fabric are great at wicking away sweat and moisture allowing your body to better regulate its temperature. When you are traveling and looking to save room in your suitcase, saving weight and bulk is just what the doctor ordered, perfect as the holidays approach us.

The Exofficio Venture is made of 50% merino wool and 50% primaloft polyester, providing a great look, feel, and fit.  So whether you’re looking to replace some old sweaters, add more variation to your wardrobe, or looking for a holiday gift, the Exoffio Venture Wool 1/4 Zip Sweater is the perfect choice.



  • High warmth-to-weight ratio keeps your warm without weighing you or your pack down
  • Superior performance blend merino wool has insulating Primaloft technology
  • Comparably lighter weight than other performance sweaters in class, an advantage you’ll need and use
  • Quick drying: Primaloft yarns are engineered to pull moisture and dry faster than 100% wool sweaters
  • Traditional jersey knit construction and integrated ribbing at sides and shoulders for a great looking natural fit
  • Ribbed collar attached with fully linked quality construction
  • Durable double-layered mock neck collar with front 1/4 zip
  • Quick drying and moisture wicking clothing ensures your comfort
  • Thermal to keep you warm against the elements
  • Water resistant to keep you and your clothing dry
  • Wool for that extra warmth
  • Sizes: S-XXL
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