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Ski reviews

Blizzard Quattro Collection

Make Your Mark!  Blizzard Quattro – now with more horsepower! The Blizzard Quattro Collection of high performance men’s skis are specifically designed for groomed snow skiing and feature an all new technology called Carbon Spine or C-Spine. Carbon Spine or C-Spine is a new technology taken from the FIREBIRD race ski construction that improves energy transmission and rebound. C-Spine utilizes vertical strips of carbon laminate ...

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G3 FINDr 102 Ski and G3 Ion 12 Binding Review

G3 FINDr 102 Ski The G3 FINDr 102 ski performed exactly as the G3 website states, “bridging the gap between fat, floaty powder skis and super light mountaineering skis.” No matter the conditions, the G3 FINDr 102 met the demands of the day, making this ski a possible quiver of one ski. I’ve been testing out the G3 FINDr 102 ...

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Fischer Pro Mtn 86 TI 2017 Ski Review

Leave it to Fischer, with its storied race program to remind me that skis don’t have to be super fat and over 115mm wide to be fun.  As the industry kept pushing towards fat skis, I tagged along and my skis got bigger and bigger.  Than I noticed something; while I could carve adequately on a fat ski on days ...

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Venture Zelix Snowboard Review

Zelix Venture Snowboard

If you want a flexible very responsive snowboard then look no further, it has arrived. I must admit that I had some issues with trying the Venture Zelix Snowboard, because I couldn’t find an adaptor that fit the 4 scree hole system that is on the board.  Hence, I wasted part of the ski season by not having the right one. ...

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2016 Fischer Ranger 98 Ti Ski Review

Fischer is one of those brands that continuously puts out great products but doesn’t have the cache of the largest ski companies as a result of smaller marketing budgets and less exposure.  The Austrian company has a track record of creating high-performing, high-quality skis and I got to ride a new option for next year and write this 2016 Fischer ...

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Lib Tech POW Skis Review

Lib Tech POW Skis

 Our friends over at Lib Tech, once well known solely for their quality snowboards, have now entered into the ever competitive ski market with a twist on how skis are shaped.  When skis were first made, they were straight as an arrow from tip to tail.  Fast forward many decades and skis started to add some shape to help carve ...

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Lib Tech Freeride HP Ski Review

Lib tech Freeride HP Skis

  Mervin Manufacturing based out of Carlsborg, Washington is the home of Lib Tech.  They’ve been making quality snowboards since 1977 by its founders, Mike Olson and Pete Saari. Made in the USA these days is something few and far between, but these Lib Tech Freeride HP skis were assembled right there sandwiched between the Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges. ...

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Great Gifts for the Skier and Snowboarder

Hit the mountain in style, comfort, and warmth with the ability to tackle anything mother nature will throw at you while skiing, snowboarding, or exploring the backcountry. These are some very cool, unique, and must-have items for that special someone on your Christmas List. Enjoying a day on the mountain is something special. Carving the groomers for some first tracks or finding that untouched ...

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K2 SpYre 100 Boot Review

K2 SpYre 100 Boot

When you think of K2, you think of awesome skis, maybe even snowboards for those of you that ride. One thing that hasn’t come to mind, up until this year, is ski boots! Yep, now you can pair your favorite K2 skis with a pair of K2 ski boots. I have been testing out the K2 SpYre, a women’s ski ...

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Rossignol BC 110 Positrack Review

Rossignol BC 110

If you’re one of those outdoors people that like to not only get out and ski, but like to get a good cardio workout, you have a few options in the winter.  First, you can snowshoe which provides a slower, but fun activity where you can tackle pretty much any terrain.  Second, you can go backcountry skiing which provides both ...

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