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Ski and snowboard goggle reviews

Adidas Progressor C Goggles Review

The Adidas Progressor C goggles offer great vision and an excellent lens changing system but struggle in some basic areas. Fit is key with any goggle you wear all day and the Progressor C will only fit the widest of faces well. A too-rigid frame and non-conforming face foam lead to a less comfortable feel than some competitors. On a good note, the Quick-Shift Lenspod System is a great way to quickly change out lenses without fiddling around. If you have a very wide face and are looking to save a little over the top of the line options from the likes of Smith and Oakley, give the Progressor C a try. Otherwise, I'd keep looking.

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Oakley Airbrake XL Prizm Goggles Review

Oakley Airbrake XL PRIZM

When you’re looking for maximum coverage around your eyes and your face, the Oakley Airbrake XL PRIZM goggles has your number.  These goggles have an oversized fit and offers Oakley’s premium lens technology PRIZM to enhance the definition in the snow. Benefits of Oversized Goggles The main benefit of an oversized goggle is that the frame is further from your ...

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Native Eyewear Upslope Goggle Review

  Native Eyewear Lens Features The Native Eyewear Upslope Goggles feature SnowTuned lenses that are a double spherical lens (double>single layered lenses for barrier and more resistant to fogging).  The spherical lens allows for a greater peripheral field of view. Combine the spherical lens with the viewing radius of 7.75″ and the Upslope Goggles provide a wide, unobstructed field of ...

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Julbo Airflux Goggle Review

The Julbo Airflux offers up some of the same great features as the Julbo Aerospace in a more affordable price category, retailing for $130-150. For a full review of the Julbo Aerospace Goggle, please click here. Features Touring in goggles can be a pain as you can fog or ice up on the ascent and are forced to go without ...

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Bolle Virtuose Goggle Review

Variable weather and light conditions can turn a wonderful day of skiing into a scary experience. A bluebird day can quickly change to puking snow in a flash and your sunny day goggles may not help you find your way down your next run. Fortunately, Bolle’s Virtuose Goggle is a cinch to swap out lenses and they offer a lens ...

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Review – Zeal Level Goggle – Large Frame

Zeal Level Goggle

Price: $129 For skiers and snowboarders looking for a quality snow goggle without paying a $200+ price tag, the Zeal Level goggle is a great option.  For the average skier and boarder, you want a goggle that has a good quality lens, won’t scratch the second you brush it up against tree branch fits with well with your helmet.  Oh, ...

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Julbo Aerospace Goggles – Backcountry Focused

Julbo Aerospace goggle

Price: $230 When it comes to backcountry skiing, ski goggles typically work well only on the downhill.  The Julbo Aerospace goggle has the backcountry skier or snowboarder in mind with a unique ventilation system allowing you to wear the Aerospace goggles for both uphill ski touring without fogging up and providing the protection you want while charging the downhills. Unique ...

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Spy Bravo Goggles Review

Bravo Goggles

  Clear vision is a pretty important key to a good day on the hill and with quickly changing light conditions this can sometimes be challenging. The Spy Bravo goggles, with Happy Lens, offer a clear view with one of, if not the best, lens changing systems I have ever used – Lock Steady. Spy Optic’s Bravo Goggles – Happy ...

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Zeal Forecast Review

Zeal Forecast

Zeal came out with a brand-new style for the 2014/2015 ski season: The Zeal Forecast.  It comes in a wide array of color and lens choices to match your style, budget, and goggle needs.  The Forecast is equipped with anti-fog infused molecules, maximum peripheral vision, and, depending on your lens choice, great polarization and ability to adjust to changing conditions on the ...

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