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Running Packs & Vests

HydraPak Review

Pushing boundaries to redefine the future of hydration, HydraPak creates innovative solutions that stand up to the harshest environments. Easy-to-use and highly functional, these HydraPak products showcase the technical manufacturing expertise that has distinguished the company for nearly two decades. The Velocity 1.5L reservoir, 500ml and 250ml soft flasks cover the spectrum of carrying needs and offer up convenient and easy ...

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Inov-8 Race Elite Vest Review

Inov-8 Race Elite Vest

Letting yourself get dehydrated is the quickest way to derail your performance and ruin your run. Using a hydration vest is a convenient and easy way to bring along that precious water, without interfering with your hands. Different systems combine varying amounts of hydration capacity with a wide variety of cargo options, meaning you can carry everything from an energy ...

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Nathan VaporKrar 4L Race Vest Review

Nathan VaporKrar 4L Race Vest

One essential piece of running gear for any trail runner is the hydration vest. The perfect vest needs to have a comfortable secure fit, a good hydration set up, and plenty of easily accessible pockets for fuel and gear. One company that has been perfecting the hydration vest for years is Nathan Sports and this year in collaboration with ultra runner ...

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Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta (Jenny Collection) Review

Written by Alexandra Rodasti – The Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta (Jenny Collection) So, what happens when Ultimate Direction, a company for selling products geared towards ultra runners and trail enthusiasts, decides to partner with Jenny Jurek to make a lineup of items just for women? Sheer happiness, that’s what happens. Jenny Jurek helped to design a who slew of useful ...

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Orange Mud Hydraquiver Vest Pack 2 Review

Initial Thoughts on the Orange Mud Hydraquiver Vest Pack 2 “Innovation from frustration” is the Mantra from Orange Mud founder Josh Sprague (read our interview here) – Josh was bothered by many of the same things that all runners face when using a water pack. The fit was sloppy, the pack bounced around, chafing ensued, there were too many pockets, there ...

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Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest 3.0 Review

PB Adventure Vest 3.0

When you stamp the name Peter Bakwin on your adventure vest it had better perform above and exceed all expectations one puts on it. However when Peter Bakwin actually gets involved and helps Ultimate Direction create the PB Adventure Vest 3.0, there is a pretty good chance that it will excel in just about every environment you take it in. ...

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