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Minimalist Running Shoes

Minimalist running shoe reviews

Skora Tempo Review

Skora Tempo

I have a love-hate relationship with minimalist running shoes. I love the weightlessness and “one-with-the-road” feel that you get…but I hate the jarring that can come along with the minimal cushioning. The Tempo just might be the shoe that can bridge this gap. This is the latest zero-drop shoe from Skora, whose “run real” philosophy focuses on natural running with a whole-foot ...

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VIVOBAREFOOT Trail Freak Winterproof Review

vivobarefoot Trail Freak

VIVOBAREFOOT has categorized this as an off-road shoe.  I’d say!?!  This shoe is a beast! Not in terms of it being scary big, but in its very aggressive lug pattern and ability to handle the roughest of terrain. The numerous technological advances and features will have you attacking the toughest of rocky terrain or slickest and muddiest tracks you can ...

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VIVOBAREFOOT Trail Freak Review

First thoughts on the VIVOBAREFOOT Trail Freak As a major proponent and user of minimalist footwear, I’ve run into the challenge of finding a shoe that offers the aggressive and protective tread of a hiking shoe/boot while not confining my foot and removing all ground feel.  VIVOBAREFOOT, an established name in the minimalist footwear industry has attempted to address this issue with the ...

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Skora Core Review

skora core

Skora describes the Core as “Luxury Meets Minimalism.”  After wearing these shoes, it is hard to disagree.  I already know what you’re thinking: “But I’m a runner.  These look like some sort of techno moon shoes.”  Well you’re wrong, they look awesome.  And more importantly, they are also the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn out of the box.  ...

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New Balance Minimus 10V2 Trail Shoe Review

New Balance’s Minimus 10 Trail V2 has very few, if any, major changes from the first installment. They feature a Vibram sole, 4mm drop, lightweight uppers, and a seamless barefoot-friendly interior – all weighing in at only 4.9oz for a women’s 7. The uppers are a lightweight, multi-layer mesh that when combined keep debris out quite well. There is a ...

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New Balance Minimus 10V2 Running Shoes Review

New Balance’s Minimus has been around for several years now and continues to grow and evolve. The Minimus 10v2, to my understanding, is an updated version of the original Minimus 10 road version. To be honest, I have a difficult time telling the true differences – aside from aesthetics between much of the minimus line. When I initially put the ...

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Brooks Pure Drift Review

The Pure Project line of shoes that Brooks introduced last year generated quite a bit of buzz, and I was among the biggest fans of the line. However, the Pure lineup lacked a real option for the near-barefoot or extreme-minimalist runner. Brooks aims to fix that this season with the only new model addition to the Pure line, the Pure ...

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