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Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig Review

Joby, makers of the original GorillaPod flexible tripod, have come up with a unique smartphone accessory to help in the creation of pro-grade videos, vlogs and YouTube content, called the Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig. Taking design feedback from the active Joby community of content creators, the Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig builds on the original patented GorillaPod design, with flexible arms for ...

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Never Lose Your Keys Again

A Smart Key Holder KeySmart Pro is a Swiss-style key holder that consolidates noisy, bulky keys into a single fold-up device. The Keysmart Pro is a minimalist key organizer and bluetooth tracker that uses Tile™ Smart location, and was made for people who spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. This little gadget ensures no more bulky keys – and ...

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PowerKeep Debuts Line of Consumer Solar Products

Energizer® branded line includes a solar cooler, portable power system, recharging kit and two backpacks PowerKeep, in partnership with Energizer®, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries, portable flashlights and lanterns, launched the Energizer® PowerKeep™ line of consumer solar products. Today’s consumers demand constant contact with the devices that power their lives, like smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. To keep ...

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MyKronoz ZeTime Review


First Things First – Who/what is MyKronoz? MyKronoz is a wearable tech company based in Geneva Switzerland, they design and develop devices intended to improve increasingly mobile, connected and digital lifestyles. They strive to expand and facilitate the mobile-user experience with stylish, intuitive and functional techcessories. Now present in more than 40 countries and carried by major retailers and partners ...

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Yatra Aquatune 5712 Review

Yatra Aquatune 5712

“THE JOURNEY ITSELF IS AS IMPORTANT AS THE DESTINATION.” Yatra launched into the tech industry in 2014, bringing to life a brand that stands for innovation, performance, and value. Meaning Journey or Voyage Passage, the ancient word Yatra, embodies the mission of their company, which is to create premium tech products, at an affordable price, that support one’s journey. The Yatra Aquatune line ...

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Energizer Powerkeep 36 Review

Energizer Powerkeep 36

As more and more hurricanes, floods, tornados, snowstorms, are leaving us without power, it’s more important than ever to be self sufficient when necessary.   Most people in today’s society go crazy the minute our cell phones run out of battery and we’re constantly reminded of how much we are reliant on the plug in the wall.  Portable solar panels at ...

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Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds Review

Jabra Elite Sport

It seems like just yesterday that fitness enthusiasts had to listen to music through wired earbuds which would inevitably get tangled up or accidentally yanked out of our ears during a workout. Then there was the upgrade to wireless earphones, while no longer tethered to your phone, they still had a short wire attached to both buds and most of ...

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TomTom Bandit Action Camera Review

    The company name TomTom brings thoughts of an organization that produces incredibly accurate GPS devices. What doesn’t come to mind is a company that makes an action camera. Well, TomTom did, and has stepped into the realm of the action camera industry, coming out with an action camera named the Bandit. After spending some quality time with the TomTom Bandit Action ...

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Brinno TLC200 PRO Time Lapse Camera Review

Brinno TLC200 Pro

The Brinno TLC200 Pro is the world’s first HDR time lapse video camera which instantly renders actual time lapse video, without the need for post processing on a computer. The 60-gram TLC200 Pro is portable, easy-to-use and equipped with an HDR image sensor 4.2 µm pixel size that allows users to capture images in a variety of lighting conditions. The ...

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