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Bike hydration packs and commuter bags

Mindshift Gear rotation180° Trail® 16L Camera Backpack Review

Don’t you love when a company makes a product that truly solves a problem in your life instead of just making a shiny new thing?  Carrying a camera while doing active pursuits like biking, hiking, and skiing usually involves some trade-off between comfort, protection, and accessibility and MindShift Gear sought out to address this with their rotation180° series of backpacks.  ...

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Platypus Duthie AM 10 Review

Platypus is one of the top names in hydration and much like their competitor Camelback, they have a solid lineup of backpacks with integrated hydration systems for outdoor endeavors.  The Platypus Duthie AM 10 is the smallest member of the company’s All-mountain hydration pack line designed for big days on the mountain bike.  There is also the Duthie AM 12, ...

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Platypus Siouxon Hydration Pack Review

Platypus Siouxon Hydration Pack

The Platypus Siouxon Hydration Pack is designed as a do-it-all pack specifically for ladies. I’ve been using it as my go-to pack for everything from quickie after work rides to longer high-country adventures in the Colorado Rockies for several weeks now. The Siouxon has lots of storage space that is thoughtfully designed to utilize it efficiently and also features the ...

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Patagonia Vertical Mass Review

The Patagonia Vertical Mass is a basic looking backpack from the outside, but it’s functionality is incredible. The top zipper compartment was a great place to stash a cell phone, sunglasses, or anything important.  It has a water bottle holder that can fit a Nalgene or Camelbak sized water bottle to keep you hydrated on hike or those long commutes. ...

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