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Delta Cycle Brings New Light to Outdoor Personal Safety with the Bkin

High-Performance LED Personal Safety Beacon Takes Lessons From Aircraft Safety Devices Delta Cycle, maker of “unordinary gear” for over three decades, released its innovative new Bkin personal safety device. The compact, portable Bkin was built with an understanding of the safety concerns posed by distracted driving, making pedestrian visibility day and night paramount to personal safety. Each day in the ...

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SILCA T-Ratchet and Ti-Torque Kit Cycling Multi-Tool Review

The SILCA T-Ratchet and Ti-Torque Kit is an elegant and effective solution to most of your on the road/trail adjustment needs. It is an incredibly well-made, versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to fit your situation. The Ti-Torque allows precise measurement of tightening force so that you don't damage any of your expensive carbon components and it covers the Nm range of 99% of bike adjustments you'd make on a ride. SILCA built this thing to last and the included case gives you a great indication of its premium quality. At $98, the T-Ratchet and Ti-Torque Kit is a serious investment for a tool, but considering the thousands it can save you on a cracked bike frame, it's well worth the price. Find out more at silca.cc.

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Trek Bontrager Ion Headlight and Flare Taillight Review

Bontrager Ion headlight and Flare taillight

First Illuminating Thoughts On The Bontrager Ion Headlight and Flare Taillight Perfect timing as these Bontrager Ion Headlight and Flare Taillight showed up on the Autumnal equinox, and morning daylight has virtually disappeared for most of my morning rides. My local group ride meets every Tuesday and Friday, and my wheels need to be rolling by 5:30 A.M. At the ...

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Miniwing Rolls Out Camile Bike Camera


While bicycling remains as a very popular pastime recreational activity, it has also grown into a preferred mode of transportation among Millennials and teenagers as it is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than driving a motor vehicle. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, as the usage of bikes as a means of transportation continues to increase, ...

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Bontrager Flare R Taillight Review

  The Bontrager Flare R Taillight With more and more cyclist involved accidents (and fatalities) occuring every year, safety should be a top priority on every cyclists mind. Here in Denver, it doesn’t seem to matter how many “share the road” signs we put up 0r how many dedicated bike lanes we create – cyclists get hit. Whether it’s the ...

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Allen Sports Aluminum Compact Two Bike Trunk Carrier Review

Allen Sports Aluminum Compact Two Bike Trunk Carrier

The Allen Sports Aluminum Compact Two Bike Trunk Carrier is an ultra-lightweight and compact trunk-mounted bike carrier. It is engineered to fit an incredible breadth of cars, vans and SUVs. The rack is a serviceable solution when a more permanent bike rack isn’t an option. It also makes sense for dual-car couples who need a bike rack to accommodate more than ...

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Allen ASL5X-R Review

Allen ASL5X-R

I have a job that doesn’t always afford me the luxury of riding during the daylight hours, so a descent headlight is a must for me. The Allen ASL5X-R is a sturdy aluminum bike light with a strong 5w Cree LED bulb. It offers great illumination for those early morning or night rides. It’s also a great option for when ...

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