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Thorlos Outdoor Sock Collection Review

Thorlos Outdoor Sock Collection

Heading out on an outdoor adventure, whether it be running, hiking or walking, can be hugely improved when your feet start and end the journey in one piece. Avoiding blisters isn’t just about wearing great shoes. The groundwork for a foot pleasing trip begins when you select the best socks. A great pair of socks will provide support, comfort and ...

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Running, Biking, And Hiking With Swiftwick Socks

Swiftwick Socks

And snowshoeing, skating, sledding, skiing….. well, you get the point. Initial Thoughts On Some Very Nice Swiftwick Socks Swiftwick’s moto, tagline, or catchphrase is “Chase Adventure. It Fits You.” That obviously speaks to many of our readers and reviewers.  Socks always seem to get the short end of the stick, or be treated like an afterthought.  They usually aren’t flashy, fancy, ...

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Vim & Vigr Compression Socks Review

Vim & Vigr Compression Socks

For the uninitiated, let’s make something clear at the outset: There’s a compelling health case for compression socks. Not only do they enhance everyday circulatory function, they help ward off problems such as deep vein thrombosis, spider veins and varicose veins. They also relieve pain associated with circulatory problems that already exist. For athletes, the upshot of improved circulatory function ...

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FITS Light Hiker Crew Socks

FITS Sock Co Light Hiker Crew

When you first slip on the FITS Light Hiker Crew socks, the actual “fit” (no pun intended) is remarkable.  Their big push seems to be the “Heel Lock” and rightfully so.  I typically wear between a 10 1/2 and 11 1/2 shoe, depending on brand and the “XL” size of this sock was perfect.  It truly feels like a custom fit ...

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Balega Blister Resist and Hidden Comfort Review

Balega Blister Resist

  Socks can be a runner’s best friend or worst enemy when it comes to comfort, durability, and blister protection. Balega has focused on creating a high-quality running sock that can meet the needs of both serious and recreational athletes. I tested two styles: the Blister Resist and the Hidden Comfort. The Balega Blister Resist is a high-cushion sock that combines ...

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Falke SK Energizing Wool Ski Socks Review

Initial Thoughts Up until about 10 years ago, sock reviews would have seemed a bit ridiculous to me.  Thanks to the wonders of technology and manufacturing advances, even the humble sock has been elevated to new levels.  I remember my ski socks when I was growing up to simply be a thicker and taller version of my regular gym socks ...

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