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Water Filtration Reviews

Lifesaver Liberty Bottle Review

With a LifeSaver bottle, you can forever say goodbye to packing, transporting or wasting bottled water when you’re going off grid, camping, trekking or back-packing. The release of the new LifeSaver Liberty bottle – a portable water filter bottle with an inline pump – you can store, filter and consume up to 14oz of water, on the move, as and when, you need it. ...

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SteriPEN Ultra Review

steriPEN Ultra

SteriPEN Ultra Overview The SteriPEN Ultra is a fantastic water purification device that works easily, effectively, and is compact enough to fit in any pack.  Thanks to a neoprene sleeve protecting the device and a hard cover protecting the ultra-violet (UV) bulb, the SteriPEN Ultra is rugged enough to meet the demands of the common traveller.  With 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa killed ...

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Steripen Classic 3 Water Purifier Review

Steripen Classic 3 Water Purifier

The Steripen Classic 3 is portable handheld water purifier that uses UV light to purify unclean water and operates on 4 alkaline batteries. As a person who travels often and loves off track destinations, I was excited to get my hands on this one! When it arrived, it came in a small box that included the device, a Nalgene adapter, ...

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Camelbak Relay Water Filter Review

Camelbak Relay Pitcher

With decades of making products to drink water while being active, Camelbak has ventured outside the world of hydration packs and water bottles, and has now made it to your refrigerator with the Camelbak Relay water filter and pitcher.    While this is a big step as far as moving into a new product category, it is not a complete ...

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Platypus Gravityworks Filter Review

Backpacking and Camping away from potable water can be a pain. You either end up packing in a heavy load of water or figuring out some way to purify lake or stream water. I’ve tried an array of these products and every one involved either battery power, which will inevitably fail when you forgot to bring back-up batteries, or manual ...

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