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Ruff Wear K-9 Overcoat Review

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If you are a dog lover like me, you know the importance of high quality gear for your favorite four-legged friend.  Ruff Wear is known for making amazingly high quality gear for pets, and with the K-9 Overcoat, Ruff Wear spares no expense. With eco-friendly material and your pet’s comfort and protection in mind, Ruff Wear developed a truly fantastic cold weather jacket for your pooch to sport while enjoying his favorite outdoor activities.

Bentley, our handsome, 114-pound Black Lab/Mix, has been gratefully wearing the K-9 Overcoat in some frigid South Dakota weather this year.  Hiking, running, and chasing are among Bentley’s favorite things to do.  With the temperatures below zero, and a wind chill forcing temps down around -30 degrees, Bentley was able to test the K-9 Overcoat in conditions that feel like Antarctica to most.

The K-9 Overcoat has so many great qualities. For the eco-conscious, you will be happy to know that the K-9 Overcoat is made from recycled materials; the outer shell is made from 100% recycled polyester, and underneath is a warm, soft layer of recycled fleece. The shell is sturdy, but not at all bulky.  The outer shell is also abrasion-resistant.  Bentley is a dog that typically stays on trail, however, he can be easily persuaded to go astray if a deer, rabbit, squirrel, marmot, or any other little creature crosses his path. Bentley runs full speed ahead dodging trees, bushes, and whatever brush is in his way.  The outer shell is so durable that, despite his chase scenes, there are no snags or scratches on it yet.   Along with being abrasion-resistant, the outer shell is water- and wind-resistant. The few times it was snowing while Bentley was wearing the K-9 Overcoat, I noticed the wet snow just rolled right off the outer shell. The recycled fleece on the inside of the jacket is soft, warm and cozy, and Bentley seems comfortable wearing it.

The K-9 Overcoat is fitted to the contour the pet’s body. There is a collar for added neck protection, and the chest and belly coverage kept Bentley warm and dry in deeper snow.  Both Bentley and I love how the K-9 Overcoat slides on. The jacket has elastic stay-fit webbing for a glove like fit. The elastic is ideal because you can adjust the straps to the dogs girth. If the dog gains or loses a few pounds, you can just adjust the straps. The elastic hugs Bentley’s belly nicely, and I have not noticed any chaffing or wearing on his hair. The Duraflex auto-lock buckles are hidden under the outer shell of the coat, which gives the jacket a nice, sleek look. The buckles are strong, and buckle/unbuckle with ease.

Last, but certainly not least, the K-9 Overcoat has 3M reflective trim that makes a thin line on both sides of the jacket.  I love this feature. Reflective trim is critical if you are a nighttime or early-morning walk enthusiast.

The sizes range from XXS-XL.   I measured Bentley’s girth according to Ruff Wear’s size chart and, at 36 inches, he falls in between Large and X-Large.  I chose Large, which proved fine around the girth, but was a bit short in length.  So if your dog falls in between sizes, you may want to size up to ensure coverage, and adjust with the elastic straps to achieve a great fit.

The K-9 Overcoat comes in 2 colors: Red Currant and Forest Green.

MSRP $64.95



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