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Dublin Dog Nomad Pad Review

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If your dog goes on as many adventures as you do, then they need gear to keep them going. The Dublin Dog Nomad Pad let’s your dog get a goodnight’s sleep so that they are ready for the next days’ outing. Aspen and Suki, two official AGR product testers, have been testing the Nomad Pad at home and while on the road.  Here are some of their initial impressions, with my interpretations.

photo 1

Suki looks like she may be on a magic carpet ride (with the wind), but she is perched on the Dublin Dog Nomad Pad in Lime/Charcoal

For starters, the Dublin Dog Nomad Pad, as the name suggests, is ready to go places. The Nomad Pad features a roll up design and is equppied with two cinch straps and an integrated handle. These features make it easy to pack up and go from one place to another. There is no trying to stuff it into a stuff sack, like other travel pads we have tested. When rolled up it is about the size of a yoga mat and is easy to carry with other bags or packs in your hand.

photo (1)

Velcro straps loop through and can be cinched to decrease the bulk of the Nomad Pad; the handle is featured in the middle of the two straps, just beyond view.

Despite being easy to transport, the Nomad Pad is definitely a car camping sleeping pad as it’s dimensions when rolled up are still 6″ diameter x 28″ for the size medium. This was not a big deal for us, as Aspen and Suki typically snuggle up with us when backpacking, sleeping on our sleeping pad and bags. Therefore, a backcountry sleeping pad would go unused and equates to extra weight to carry.

photo 1 (1)

In terms of comfort, the Dublin Dog Nomad Pad features 1.5″ of Intelli-Loft recycled polyfill and is topped with super soft polar fleece. Suki, at the age of 11, is very particular about where she sleeps: day after day, she chose the Nomad Pad over the other sleeping pads and beds that are scattered throughout the house, which suggests she approved of the amount of cushion/support. The soft fleece sleeping area is framed by 600-denier Cordura Nylon, which is Charcoal in color and transitions between the soft top with the rugged TuffTek bottom of the Nomad Pad. The bottom is waterproof and easy to clean off, especially if you find yourself putting the Nomad Pad on dirt, sand, or rock around the campfire. The TuffTek bottom also sticks to hardwood floor when used in the house and the rubberized mats in the rear of our Subaru. This means that the Nomad Pad does not slide around with every twist of turn of the car or slide across the living room, both a bonus in my book.

photo 2 (1)

Aspen is the larger of the two, weighing in at 80 lbs. There is plenty of room for him to curl up or stretch out.

The fleece sleep area has not pilled and has resisted staining. It order to clean it off at home, I simply run the vacuum over it or spot clean it with carpet cleaner. I have yet to do this, but the Nomad does fit in our top loading washing machine and I am sure that a trip through the wash on the cold cycle should not cause to much of a problem.

The Nomad Pad  is available in three colors: Tangerine, Lime, and Black. We have been testing the Nomad Pad in Lime and I love the bright color, which actually blends in with our bright decorations and doesn’t scream, “I’m a dog bed” like other beds with bright prints and patterns. As mentioned above, the Dublin Dog Nomad Pad is available in two sizes, medium and large.

 Medium = 28″ x 40″ and MSRP of 69.95

Large =36″ x 51″ and MSRP 79.95

Aspen and Suki are 80 lbs and 60 lbs respectively, they had ample space for one dog on the medium Nomad Pad. They don’t typically share a dog bed, but if they did we would opt for the size large to allow more space for them.

Overall, the Dublin Dog Nomad Pad has been a extremely handy dog bed that can be used at home, in the car, and at our final adventure, wherever that may be.

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