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ibattz Refuel Invictus Review

There are many batteries cases on the market, so how do pick the right one for you? The ibattz Refuel Invictus for iPhone 6/6S brings some nice features that make it stand out and might make that decision easier for you.

ibattz Refuel Invictus Unboxing and Contents

In is nicely packaged and as soon as you open in you have everything you need to get started

ibattz Refuel Invictus with iPhone 6/6S

Inside the box you can find:

  • Refuel Invictus Battery case
  • 3200 mAh Battery
  • Micro USB cable
  • User Guide
  • Audio cable¬†extender

ibattz Refuel Invictus with iPhone 6S contents

Installation was very easy, this can be done in 4 steps:

  1. Insert your iPhone into the bottom plate
  2. Secure by inserting the top place
  3. Insert the battery
  4. Attach the back cover

It takes about 1 minute to do install. They have great videos showing you how to do this on their website

ibattz Refuel Invictus Features

The first thing you will notice is that the battery is removable, which means that you can purchase extra batteries and replace them if you know you will be away from any place you’ll be able to charge for a while. An example would be if you are camping for an extended period of time and won’t have access to power, you wouldn’t have to worry about your iPhone running out of battery. Most battery cases the battery is part of the case, you can’t take it out, so once the battery dies, you have to buy a whole new case. This is a nice feature, but how much is the battery? The extra battery is only $19.95, which is 20% of what the case costs. To replace the battery you simply take the back cover off and it easily slides out. This also makes this case the most eco-friendly case as there is less waste and all you have to do is replace the battery.

ibattz Refuel Invictus with iPhone 6S

The case is made out of a soft plastic giving your phone a better grip as just a naked iPhone. The case is also only .55 inches thin, so the iPhone still feels thin in your hand. plus it only adds about 4.2 oz of weight to the phone.

ibattz Refuel Invictus with iPhone 6S

It took 3:50 minutes to completely charge the ibattz Refuel Invictus when plugged into the wall, it was about twice that when charging from my laptop via the USB port. During my tests charging the iPhone was very quick for a portable device, it took about 2 hours to completely charge the phone from 10% battery left and it still had 1 blue LED light left in the back.

ibattz Refuel Invictus with iPhone 6S

While you are charging the ibattz Refuel Invictus the LED in the back will flash, there are 4 indicators total, you won’t see them light up while in use unless you press the power button next the the headphone jack. To check how much battery is left on the ibattz Refuel Invictus you press the button and the LEDs will tell you how much battery is left. To start charging your iPhone you press the same power button for 2 seconds and it will turn on, to put on standby you do the same, simply press it for 2 seconds.

ibattz Refuel Invictus with iPhone 6S

I have tested other portable batteries and one of the issues of those is that you can’t charge the battery at the same time that you charge the phone. A very nice feature of the ibattz Refuel Invictus is that if both the iPhone and the case need charge it, you can do that simultaneously giving priority to charging the iPhone, so if you are in a rush you’ll know that you can get a quick charge without having to take the iPhone out of the battery case.

Final Thoughts

The ibattz Refuel Invictus is a great choice for a case that protects your iPhone and can charge your phone 1.25x with 1 charge. You get power and protection without adding bulk or too much weight. You can carry extra batteries if you are going to be away for a long period of time and you can even be more eco-friendly as you are generating less waste. For $99.95 this battery case is a great choice for anyone looking for their iPhone’s battery to last longer, you can get it directly from the ibattz website.

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