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IceMule Classic Cooler Review

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IceMule Classic Cooler

IceMule Classic Cooler

Initial Beer Chilling Thoughts on the IceMule Classic Cooler

Ok, it’s Portable! That isn’t necessarily earth shattering news.  Being able to carry all of your picnic needs and do so hands free  with great ease is more of a revelation!  The Tri Fold Closure system closes and seals the cooler while also clipping and securing to the carrying harness. Perfect for taking the Ice Mule Classic Cooler to your favorite outdoor spot. This is a fantastic addition for my upcoming Summer outdoor and active ventures. I suppose now I will be “forced” to bring along some ice cold adult beverages wherever I go?

The Unique Features of the IceMule Classic Cooler.

The IcuMule Classic Cooler sports a patented insulated dry-bag design. The interior and exterior walls filled with air do an adequate job of keeping your items nice and cool.  I have not had the chance to test in really hot summer weather, but the advertised time for keeping ice intact is 24 hours.

The welded seams are solid, and have withstood my initial month of testing. Being tossed into the trunk, squeezed into the back of the kid bike trailer, thrown over my shoulder for a bike ride, and the running/schlepping around during a backcountry hut trip were a good start.  The IceMule Classic Cooler still looks good. She should stand up to the wear and tear I still intend to put the cooler through come summer time. The no zipper Trip Top Fold closure system is very unique indeed. It’s my first foray into this kind of a system, but is more common in the watersport world. The IceMule Cooler would be perfect for a canoe, kayak, SUP, sailing, or party boat trip.

Ice Mule Classic Cooler

The air nozzle allows you to easily blow in a little bit of air. The more air, the better insulated which is good. The more air also means you’ll not be able to put as much into the IceMule Classic Cooler. Depending on your needs, this can be adjusted to suit the day’s hauling load and cooling needs.

The heavy-duty embossed MuleSkin EV fabric appears to be able to withstand the regular rigors of camp or picnic life. I would be careful around sharp objects as the lining can puncture. I suppose that is the one sacrifice for not going with a hard shelled cooler.

I can’t wait to take this out later this summer on a canoe trip to really test it’s floatability, but for now a stream side picnic test will have to do the trick.

IceMule Classic Cooler

Testing the Waterproof capabilities. My sandwiches stayed dry!

Performance and a Few Outdoor Adventures with the Ice Mule Classic Cooler.

I am an ambassador for a local running race organization, and am continuously helping out and volunteering at races and events. Many times, I have to go man an aid station, and hauling a cooler to rather remote spots can be a real hassle. Now, I have the ability to carry quite a lot of necessities to my destination on my bike in the Ice Mule

IceMule Classic Cooler

The foldable closure system

My wife and I like to ‘bag’ 14-ers.  The great State of Colorado boasts 54 peaks (+/- depending on who you talk to and how you define them) over 14,000 feet.  These peaks have varying degrees of difficulty, and even the easiest will certainly challenge anyone.  A celebratory beer is a common sight as one summits and conquers their own little Everest.  Not that I am intending on carrying my IceMule Classic Cooler to the top. We have, however, gotten into the habit of packing a celebratory lunch, drinks, and dessert that we stash in as picturesque a place as possible to enjoy as we descent. We shoot for a place somewhere about a third of the way up (2/3 of the way down), so we don’t have to haul up too much weight as the going gets tough. Depending on the distance, we bring the necessary fuel to get to the top and back down, but the thought of an elaborate spread is enticing and rewarding.  The IceMule Classic Cooler will be perfect for this venture, and I can’t wait for the first opportunity.

IceMule Classic Cooler

Lightweight (depending on your cargo, of course), but easy to carry to my destination.

An early season hut trip was perfect for the IceMule Classic Cooler. Temperatures and conditions in Colorado in March can be all over the board. Depending on your level of ‘hard-core-ness’, camping may not be a viable option. Trekking to a hut is a happy compromise that allows the outdoorsman to spend time with friends in the great outdoors ‘camping’ with some basic ‘luxuries’.  It’s mainly a solid roof overhead and walls as well as a fireplace or stove of some sorts for cooking.  It’s not the Hilton, but the experience is priceless.

Depending on your trip, the distances to the huts vary.  Ours was a couple mile hike into the Indian Peak Mountain Range.  I like to trail run and snowshoe, and looked forward to some trail time.  I took two trips, the first included our packs and basic necessities. Everyone else was going about getting camp set up while I ran back for the IceMule Classic Cooler and some other luxuries. Now, there is still plenty of snow, so keeping the cooler filled with ice was no problem. You might ask, why would you need a cooler at all? Good question!  The simple answer is wildlife.  Leaving anything edible outside is a sure fire way to invite a not so welcome visitor to your camp. The specialty cheeses, milk, yogurt, beer, and burgers stayed cold and were ultimately enjoyed with great vigor.

IceMule Classic Cooler

The carrying strap has a cushioned strap for additional padding.

Technical Specifications and Features

  • Welded Seams/no zippers
  • TriFold DriTop System
  • Heavy-Duty embossed MuleSkin EV fabric
  • PolarLayer Insulation
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • It floats
  • Keeps ice intact for up to 24 hours.
  • Dimensions: Medium = 10” dia. X 16” tall)
  • Capacity: Medium = 15L – holds 12 cans plus ice
IceMule Classic Cooler

Rubberized bottom for protection and slip resistance.

Final Thoughts

The IceMule Classic Cooler is a wonderful addition for any outdoor enthusiast looking to bring along some perishables or adult beverages for enjoyment to places few people get to see. The beauty of the Cooler lies in its versatility and wide variety of uses. From the park, tailgate, campground to the wide range of water sports uses like fishing, boating, or canoeing.

I’ve gotten lots of great comments and inquisitive looks as I am out with my IceMule Classic Cooler. I’d like to think my trail and campside marketing campaign has resulted in a few sales for IceMule.  Go out and get yourself one! It’s a great addition to my active outdoor arsenal, and it should be for you as well.

MSRP for the IceMule Classic Medium is $59.95.

For more information on this and other sizes and styles please visit:  www.icemulecooler.com

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  1. Your site is one of the few the have reviewed the YETI Hopper and the IceMule Classic. I have yet to find a comparison between the two. The obvious first flag is price. $300 for the Yeti and $70 for the IceMule. Simple enough choice there. I am looking for a gift for my wife. She is worth the $300 but is there really a difference that warrants the extra dough? The IceMule sure looks like it would be durable, waterproof, and easy to carry. The YETI is well… a YETI so it has the recognizable cool factor. I think though the zipper is a downside and it will be hard to load, unload, and keep clean inside. I have also read the zipper get sharp with use and will scratch you up reaching inside. Help a brother out here, I need some real info, not paid advertisements.

    Richard Dickerson

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