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Patagonia Vertical Mass Review

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Patagonia Vertical MassThe Patagonia Vertical Mass is a basic looking backpack from the outside, but it’s functionality is incredible. The top zipper compartment was a great place to stash a cell phone, sunglasses, or anything important.  It has a water bottle holder that can fit a Nalgene or Camelbak sized water bottle to keep you hydrated on hike or those long commutes.  We found the large reflective strip on the outside ideal for riding at night, so you are visible to the vehicles on the road.  If you are looking for a bag that is sporty and versitle for business, the Patagonia Vertical Mass has a side carrying handle if you want to it carry like a briefcase. The laptop compartment is nice for both Mac’s and notebooks, as we tested screen sizes up to a 15 inches and it worked great. It has a mesh pocket inside to separate items out, such as sweaty clothes, food, power cords, and more. The Patagonia Vertical Mass works great as a day pack for hiking or around the city as well.  In the past, we’ve owned Patagonia backpacks and they have lasted over 10 years.  Sometimes the price of Patagonia is a little more than other brands, but the little extra that you pay is well worth it. Overall, this bag is great for commuting, hiking, and everyday use for it has great functionality and has a sophisticated look. You can find this pack and other Patagonia products at Patagonia.com

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