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Mountain Hardwear Paladin Review

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Mountain Hardwear PaladinThe Mountain Hardwear Paladin is the bombproof backpack for commuting, hiking, and everyday use. This bag is made of a highly waterproof material that cannot be penetrated. We tested it out in pouring rain storms while commuting with our laptops and we were extremely happy to say there was not a drop of wetness.  Aside from commuting, we also took this pack on hiking trips where we suspected rain and we were sure happy we had this particular pack.  During our hike up to La Plata peak, (14,000+ft), we ran into rain, hail, sleet, snow and extreme winds and needed something that would hold up to the conditions.  We were carrying our digital SLR and a few other electronics that could not get wet, and we knew by using this pack, we would be safe.  With the Mountain Hardwear Paladin, we were able to enjoy our hike and not worry about water getting into our pack.  This pack has great storage capacity, so whether you are commuting to the office with a 3-piece suit, a load of books, or equiptment for a small expedition, you will be set. The laptop compartment is very unique in that it is loaded in from the outside on the side. The side panel can hold large water bottles such as nalgenes or Camelbak bottles shown in the image above and it can also fit a U-Lock bike lock for commuting. The zippers are made of fun metal tubing for a sleek stylish look. The pack is top loading and has separate compartments inside where you can stash wet clothes or others you want to keep separate from you main load. Overall, this pack is met all of our needs for commuting, hiking, and everyday use.  For more information, you can find this pack at MountainHardwear.com

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