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Conrad is a fairly new Ironman triathlete, who loves the outdoors. He travels a lot for work and enjoys the challenge of finding a way to train while on the road. Since he is fortunate to visit so many new places he enjoys taking a lot of pictures, especially of the places where he is swimming, biking, running (mostly of himself). Conrad swam for the University of Louisville and still enjoys swimming the most out of the 3 sports. He also enjoys hiking, skiing, snowboarding and exploring new places. You can follow his endeavors at www.losrodas.com and pictures on Instagram http://instagram.com/conradrodas

ibattz Refuel Invictus Review

ibattz Refuel Invictus with iPhone 6S

There are many batteries cases on the market, so how do pick the right one for you? The ibattz Refuel Invictus for iPhone 6/6S brings some nice features that make it stand out and might make that decision easier for you. ibattz Refuel Invictus Unboxing and Contents In is nicely packaged and as soon as you open in you have ...

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Profile Design FC Hydration System Review

Profile Design FC Hydration System

Do you want a water bottle that’s aero, it’s easy to drink out of and you can place between your aero bars? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, keep reading, the Profile Design FC Hydration System is the water bottle for you. There are several options for aero bars hydration systems in the market currently; they all claim to be ...

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GoPro Hero 4 Silver Review

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

  Let’s take a look at the GoPro Hero 4 Silver When people think of an Action Camera, the first one that comes to mind is GoPro. In fact, when people talk about any action camera they usually call it GoPro, even if it’s not a GoPro. If you do a search online you will find hundreds of reviews, comparing the GoPro brand with ...

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Swim Spray Review

Swim Spray

I’ve been a swimmer all my life, so for me the smell of chlorine is my personal perfume. I’ve always had to deal with it, until now. With Swim Spray I can eliminate the smell and help the irritation on my hair and skin. If you swim, no matter how well you shower afterwards, the smell of chlorine always seems ...

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Oakley Blackhawk Biozone Pants Review

Oakley Blackhawk Biozone Pants

What do you look for in a pair of ski or snowboard pants? Comfort, warmth, storage, or maybe just for them to look good? The Oakley Blackhawk Biozone Pants deliver on all those requirements and much much more. I’ve had the chance to wear them for approximately 8 wonderful days while snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The temperatures have ranged from ...

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Giro Discord Helmet Review

Giro Discord MatteTankCamo

Giro Discord Helmet Review The Giro Discord was designed for freestyle, backcountry and natural terrain. Most helmets are designed just for protection, but once you crash once they are done. The Giro Discord was designed to protect your head, but to also withstand day-to-day impacts. A very appealing feature for sure. I feel confident in my ability to make it ...

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Intova Edge X Review

Intova EDGE X -featured

  Intova Edge X Review Preface: Over the next weeks I will be reviewing several action cameras. In recent months many companies announced or released new generation cameras which will feature 4K Video. The Action camera market is one of the fastest growing and evolving markets, and it’s very exciting to see how much power companies can pack in very small ...

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