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A.J. Johnson started running when he was 6 years old. Growing up he played all types of sports, from your standard soccer and baseball, to B.M.X. at a national level, and tennis at the college level. He never stopped running and eventually got into triathlon. After 10 years in triathlon, 2 of them at the professional level, he “retired” from racing and now gets outside for fun. He enjoys all variations of skiing, cycling, and running and is up for just about anything outdoors. He still enjoys competing in endurance events and has started the Endure Tour as a way to race and raise funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. To find out more about him, and to see what he’s currently doing, go to www.enduretour.com.

Specialized AirTool MTB Flex Pump Review

Flats happen. No matter the trail, the tires and tubes, or lack thereof, eventually you will be on the side of the trail fixing a flat tire. It’s at these times that little things matter. The Specialized AirTool MTB Flex pump incorporates a few nice features that can take some of the frustration out of flat tires. Even with the advent ...

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A Close Shave: Checking out Leg Lube

For male runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes, the topic of shaved legs will likely come up at some point. For some it is a common occurrence while others will never cross over to the smoother side. I’ll never forget when I moved to Boulder, Colo. and on my first day was told, “welcome to Boulder, where the men shave their ...

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C4 Waterman Switchblade 12’6″ SUP

SUP’ing has taken off like wildfire, and not just on the coasts. Lakes and rivers are seeing SUP’ers on a regular basis now. For those that are looking into starting SUP’ing, the choice of boards is dizzying. The first thing to consider is what type of water you’ll be on, ocean, lake or river, and what you’ll be doing, surfing, ...

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Camelbak Baja LR – Hydration on the Water

As stand up paddling continues to grow, so does the amount of gear made specifically for SUP’ing. Like mountain biking and hiking, long trips with no water stops means you need to come prepared. Hydration specialists Camelbak come to the rescue with their newest pack, the Baja LR. With a 70 oz. lumbar reservoir, front and rear storage pouches, a ...

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Quicksilver Front Zip Paddle Jacket Review

Temperature regulation becomes tricky when you go out for a paddle. Not only am I considering the weather, but I have to consider what am I doing on the water. Am I just paddling, or am I going to surf a few waves too? If I’m only surfing than I’m usually putting on my 4/3 wetsuit. Even in the summer ...

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Merrell Barefoot Water Current Glove

Barefoot running has taken off in recent years and with that, more products have come to market. Along with that, shoes are getting more specialized- think trail versus road barefoot shoes. Outdoor footwear innovator Merrell has brought to market several versions of barefoot style shoes, among them are the Barefoot Water Current Glove. Designed for general water sports, this shoe ...

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Dakine Cyclone Dry Pack

Living by the water you find yourself taking advantage of it in many ways. Surfing and stand up paddling are a lot of fun, as are kayaking and just sitting at the beach. But ocean life and adventures have their own unique set of challenges- mainly having to do with the water itself. Either you’re trying to keep something dry, ...

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Timex Global Trainer Review

The Global Trainer from Timex is one of those watches that has so many features it seems like you would need a p.h.D to operate it. Equipped with G.P.S., heart rate, reading power on the bike, and the ability to be worn while swimming, it is a triathlete’s dream. I had more than one person ask if I could send ...

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Garmont Bolt DLTrail Shoe Review

Garmont is a company that is most well known for their ski boots, but recently they ventured into the ever expanding trail shoe market. They have come into the market with several shoes hitting different segments. The Bolt DL is part of Garmont’s 9.81 line as a lightweight trainer or racer and is a well thought out and put together ...

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