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Smart Ski Technology Designed to Measure Skiing Dynamics

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Elan Skis, a legacy supplier of handcrafted skis with a commitment to high levels of innovation and detail, continues to push the envelope of cutting edge ski technology with the first integrated smart ski concept designed to measure dynamic ski movement.

Debuting the concept at ISPO 2018, the Elan Smart Ski features integrated sensors that measure the skier’s skiing dynamics to produce precise weight flex and balance distribution readouts. For every action of the skier, the smart ski has a reaction translated into immediate real time feedback and post analytical data that will be connected to the cloud.

The Elan Smart Ski concept is still currently in a prototype phase and not ready for production. A working prototype with the Smart Ski concept technology was installed on an SLX Fusion at ISPO 2018 in Munich for attendees to experience the innovation. Through the sensation of skiing movements, the Smart Ski captured immediate data and recorded on a nearby computer screen.

Senses action & reaction of the skier

“Our Smart Ski Technology is a reflection of Elan’s leadership in innovation,” says Melanja Šober, head of product management for Elan’s winter division. “As consumers are connected across every touch point of their daily lives, it an advancement not only for Elan, but also for the ski industry to connect technology between the skier and their skis.”

To learn more about the first-ever Smart Ski visit, www.elanskis.com.

About Elan

Elan is a dedicated ski manufacturer in the Slovenian Alps with more than 70 years of experience building the best skis in the world for friends and families who live the skiing lifestyle and are all about good times in the mountains. Earning praise year after year in test results and design awards, the innovative product manufactured is a reflection of the brand’s heritage and dedication to not just building skis, but BETTER skis to produce lifetime experiences in the mountains. For more information, please visit: www.elanskis.com

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