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BaseMap App – Outdoor Planning and Navigational Tool All In One

Maps for All Outdoor Activities

BaseMap just launched their latest product, which is an updated and redesigned version of their original mapping application, and it’s changing the way people plan, navigate, and explore the outdoors. This move by BaseMap is a welcomed surprise to the outdoor community, and comes with more exciting news: BaseMap will continue releasing more features throughout the coming year. With nationwide coverage and layers like public and private land ownership, nationwide lakes and rivers, and nationwide hiking trails, this is an app that outdoorsmen and women have been waiting for. Their goal is to ensure that people have an affordable and reliable way to stay safe while they explore the outdoors. Offline maps and the ability to track your movements even without cell phone service has provided a safety net for anyone who loves adventures in the outdoors.

“I wanted this to be more than just a mapping system. This is a planning tool, with crucial information, as well as a mapping application that will allow outdoorsmen and women to navigate and customize their experience,” says Jeff Balch, CEO and Founder of BaseMap. “This is something I’m very proud of, and the time is right for us to change the way people plan their adventures and stay safe in the field. ”

The latest version of BaseMap will have an all-new look and updated features. Currently boasting over 550 different layers, this technology has something for everyone. BaseMap offers a free app, as well as an upgraded version with more features to choose from. The free app includes nationwide maps with public and private land boundaries.


Mobile GPS 

  • Always know your exact location while in the outdoors.
  • See where you are in relation to property boundaries, roads, trails, and more.

Offline GPS and Tracking

  • Know exactly where you are in real time even without cellular coverage.
  • Explore the backcountry with confidence.
  • Stay safe and always find your way back
  • Cache maps in low, medium, or high resolution depending on your needs

Hybrid 3D Imagery 

  • Say No to standard 2D Imagery
  • Identify and prepare for terrain changes
  • View terrain details in much greater detail
  • Tilt and rotate the map to see the terrain from every angle

Map Layers

  • Over 500 layers and growing
  • Nationwide Color Coded Govt Lands
  • Nationwide Private Parcel Boundaries and Owner Names
  • Nationwide Lakes, Rivers, and Streams
  • Free Nationwide Parcel Boundaries
  • Nationwide Hiking Trails
  • Nationwide Wildfires and Timbercuts
  • Nationwide Wilderness and Roadless Areas
  • State specific hunting layers including, unit boundaries, private hunting opportunities, WMA’s, Season Dates, Harvest Data, and more (please see our coverage areas at www.basemap.com/hunting
  • Multiple Topography and Satellite Imagery basemap options

To download the iOS app, visit: itunes.apple.com

To download the Android app, visit: play.google.com

About BaseMap

BaseMap originally came onto the scene in April of 2016 and offered a mapping application that was user friendly and ahead of its time. BaseMap is available on iOS and Android platforms, and their state of the art website features step-by-step tutorial video guides and information on individual outdoor activities.
Learn more about BaseMap at www.basemap.com

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